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Functional, Fashionable Doormats for Every Season

Browse durable all-season doormats and coir rugs at Garnet Hill to find attractive options for effortless mix-and-match style, indoors and out. Designed to hold up under heavy foot traffic, our mats add a decorative yet functional touch anywhere you place them. Select doormats made from natural coir or recycled PET materials. Sturdy coir fibers brush dirt from shoes and trap it to prevent it from entering your home. Choose an indoor-outdoor rug with rubber backing and low-pile PET fibers to catch water and debris before they can damage your floors. Browse our selection of welcome doormats to find themes to celebrate the season. For year-round appeal, choose a monogrammed welcome mat: Let us add your family initials to a front door mat or your last name to a handmade coir rug to welcome guests inside. Find runners, half-moon, and rectangular all-season rugs adorned with hand-pressed patterns in saturated or neutral colors to coordinate with your home décor. And because they resist mold and mildew, they’ll perform reliably on a front step or in a mudroom; select a boot tray with the same protective properties to organize wet shoes in your entryway. Whether you’re looking for rugs for entrances or high-traffic areas in your home’s interiors, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind of protected floors and the appealing style of options from the Garnet Hill Doormat Collection.