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Top-Rated Bedding, Bath & Home Décor

Browse our top-rated home collection to find customer-favorite bedding, bath, and décor, from lofty blankets and beautiful rugs to plush towels. A testament to Garnet Hill’s renowned quality, these beloved pieces are consistently ranked as the best by customers who purchase them. Add homespun style to any bed with an heirloom-quality handmade quilt, cozy up beneath premium bed sheets sewn from soft and indulgent organic cotton, or layer on a down or down alternative blanket when temperatures fall; a cotton, fleece, or knit throw imparts extra warmth and comfort. Our Core-Loft® and down-filled comforters are customer favorites year in and out, with beautiful solid color options and classic striped designs. Don’t forget to think beyond the bedroom when browsing our top-rated home products. Made from the finest materials in beautiful designs, our doormats, rugs, and home storage options add helpful organization and amp up the aesthetic in any space. Discover customers’ favorite seasonal decor, from festive bedding to holiday home accents. Or browse our best bedding basics and find the right options to make every room more comfortable. From bath towels to practical home accents, our top-rated bedding, bath, and decor products include on-trend options and timeless designs to love.