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Beautiful, Lightweight Linen for the Bed, Bath & Home

Browse The Linen Shop and impart casual, relaxed style to any space with soft, lightweight, and breathable linen bedding, bath towels, and home accents. Spun from the fibers of the flax plant, linen is one of the world’s oldest materials; ours is responsibly sourced from Europe where the finest flax is grown for exceptional softness and strength. Fabrics made from linen are lightweight and breathable but also naturally temperature-regulating, making linen an ideal option for bedding and home products that keep you comfortable in any season. And because linen gets softer and better every time it’s washed, it’s our go-to choice for heirloom-quality pieces for the home. Layer the beds in your home with beautiful linen sheets, quilts, duvet covers, bed skirts, and blankets in muted natural hues and lively coordinating botanicals, or bring casual style to the bathroom with a relaxed-linen shower curtain in an exclusive print or solid color that coordinates with our absorbent cotton-linen towels. Our lovely linen pillow covers impart a relaxed aesthetic atop other bedding layers or bring beautiful color and laid-back elegance to a living space. For entertaining, find linen napkins and table runners for intimate dining or large gatherings of family and friends. Choose high-quality Garnet Hill linen to use throughout your home, from the bedroom and bath to the kitchen and living spaces, and enjoy laid-back style and elevated comfort every day.