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Luxurious European Cotton Flannel Sheets, Duvet Covers & Shams

Browse The Flannel Shop at Garnet Hill for sheets and bedding to experience the quality and comfort of our heritage flannel. We began making the superior-quality pure cotton flannel you’ve come to expect of us in 1976. The Garnet Hill difference, then and now, is in delightfully thick, extra-soft bed linens that are not only cozy, but also offer an earth-friendly alternative to adjusting the thermostat on chilly winter evenings. Discover cotton flannel bedding collections in vintage-inspired florals, classic plaids, or sophisticated solid colors. Pair a solid-color flannel duvet cover with botanical flannel sheets to impart an elegant look to your winter bedding, or coordinate patterned sheets with matching shams to accent your duvet or comforter. The eco-friendly organic cotton in our flannel sheets is responsibly sourced and produced to ensure a minimal impact on the environment. Our finest flannel sheets and bed linens are made from extra-long-staple, American-grown Supima® cotton for unmatched softness and durability. Browse Garnet Hill flannel sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, and shams sized to fit Twin, Twin X-Long, Double, Queen, King, or California King mattresses, and enjoy warmth and comfort all winter long.