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Colorful, Playful & Comfy Bedding for Kids

Browse our high-quality kids’ bedding to find sheets, comforters, blankets, and duvet covers in vibrant colors and playful prints they’ll love. Create a comfortable, colorful space for sleep with kids’ bedding layers from our collection. Discover solid-color quilts and comforters in bright or neutral hues, perfect for pairing with patterned sheets that feature whimsical illustrations, mini prints and polka dots, abstract florals, or festive designs that delight kids of any age. Choose cozy cotton flannel for cold weather, crisp percale for summer’s warmer days, or soft and stretchy jersey knit for lived-in, laid-back style. In options to coordinate with our printed sheets, our kids’ duvet covers offer durable, low-maintenance style and they’re easy to swap out to satisfy their evolving tastes. From pillow covers to classic fleece, knit, and down or down alternative blankets, our kids’ bedding accessories complement other pieces from our collection, so you can achieve a perfectly coordinated look for their room.