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Tabletop Textiles, Ceramics & Serveware

Garnet Hill offers distinctive kitchen linens and tableware to create a welcoming aesthetic, whether you’re preparing a weeknight family dinner or entertaining guests. Set the scene for any occasion with placemats, tablecloths, and tabletop textiles in relaxed linen or crisp, classic cotton. Mix and match pieces from a single collection to create a layered table design -- an elegant backdrop for a memorable meal. Stone serveware and options in wax-finished wood are ideal for skillfully displaying your culinary creations, and make inspired finishing touches on a kitchen or dining table. Our tabletop collection also includes practical tea towels and other kitchen textiles; find planet-friendly fabrics in soft, neutral hues and pretty solid colors. From candle holders to cloth napkins, discover the right pieces to complete your kitchen or tabletop décor in the collection at Garnet Hill.