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Decorative Throw Pillow Covers, Pillow Inserts & Shams

Brighten a bed, sofa, or chair with a decorative pillow cover from Garnet Hill. Find seasonal designs, versatile patterns, and options to match our bedding. Pair a down or down alternative throw pillow insert with a decorative cover woven in organic cotton or linen. A striped, plaid, or patterned pillow cover adds subtle or dramatic dimension to an armchair. Or choose sophisticated solid hues to bring balance to lively bedding or upholstery. For an extra touch of oomph, look for pillow covers with embroidered or beaded details that elevate the design. We carry hooked wool pillow covers perfect for the holidays and seasonal pillow covers to impart of-the-moment style to any space. Our collection also includes Queen, King, and Euro pillow shams in quilted, patchwork, and solid designs that coordinate with our bedding.