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Elevate an Interior Space With Seating, Bed Frames & Accent Furniture

Highlight your home’s approachable, comfortable style with unique Garnet Hill furniture for the bedroom, living room, or other indoor living space. Design your bedroom around a Garnet Hill bed frame. Our iron beds make a classic focal point in any room, or select a charming wooden frame to carry out a minimalist or traditional aesthetic. Find timeless, USA-made beds in all sizes, from Twin to California King, to impart unique style to a bedroom. Our thoughtfully designed and carefully crafted seating makes any room a place to gather. Browse our custom upholstered furniture for an elegant patterned chair or comfortable chaise in florals, stripes, or creamy neutral colors that blend seamlessly with a side table or a pouf. A plush end-of-bed bench or roomy dresser imparts a clean, inviting finish to a room.