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Decorative Furniture, Lighting & Storage Solutions

Shop home décor at Garnet Hill and find furniture, lighting, and decorative accents to add function or flair to your interiors. Once the main aesthetic of your home is established, dress it up with decorative accessories to make it your own. Tell your story using furniture, and home décor to achieve the looks you love in your favorite spaces. Our handcrafted chairs, beds, tables, and other timeless furnishings bring approachable design to your most-used rooms. Arranging decorative lamps on side or sofa tables creates a cozy ambiance in bedrooms, living spaces, or a home office. Give your everyday dining tabletop an instant update with new linens, and refresh your kitchen for the season with towels and decorative serveware. See how elements like covered accent pillows can add texture and color right where it's needed. A throw blanket draped over the arm of a chair or folded at the foot of a bed invites relaxation and instantly softens the room, and our quality cotton, linen, and cashmere fabrics look at home anywhere. See what’s new in home décor and find functional, beautiful storage options and more at Garnet Hill.