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Quilts, Coverlets & Coordinating Shams

Find quilts, coverlets, and pillow shams to impart all-season comfort and heirloom quality to any size bed; mix and match to layer an inspired bedscape. We handcraft each quilt using the finest natural fabrics for elegance that lasts. Our collection includes cotton, organic-cotton, linen, and silk quilts in sophisticated solids, pretty patchwork designs, and printed whole-cloth patterns. Use a breezy linen or lightweight voile quilt alone on warm summer nights, or layer a silk or cotton flannel quilt atop your duvet or comforter to keep you extra cozy when winter’s chill sets in. Embroidered accents, raw-edge fringe, and other subtle embellishments add striking detail to our handcrafted quilts. A Garnet Hill customer favorite, our Dream Quilt is hand stitched from soft, lightweight cotton. Choose from a palette of beautiful solid shades to coordinate with other Garnet Hill bedding pieces. From classic Garnet Hill designs to elegant seasonal offerings, each of our quilt and coverlet collections features coordinating pillow shams for a matched bedding look. Find quilted shams to fit Standard, King, and Continental pillows and add a perfectly tailored finishing touch to the bed.