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Warm Blankets & Throws in Light to Heavyweight Options

Browse blankets and throws at Garnet Hill and find soft, cozy layers in natural fabrics, sized just right for snuggling or sleeping. Bring comfort and texture to the bed with a Twin, Full, Queen, or King-sized blanket from our collection, or choose a throw to accent your décor and add warmth to a corner chair, living room sofa, or cushioned bench. Garnet Hill blankets and throws are made from natural materials for optimal comfort; choose from cozy wool, luxuriously soft cashmere, breathable cotton and organic cotton, warm cotton fleece, and lightweight, airy linen. We offer blankets and throws suitable for every sleeping preference and season. Waffle weave, knit, or ribbed cotton throws add texture to a sofa or tossed across the foot of the bed; fringe adds a bit dimension to the design. Our pure down and CoreLoft® down alternative blankets feature 100% cotton shells and lofty, insulating fill for all-seasons comfort, and they’re available in a range of sophisticated and neutral solid colors to complement any aesthetic. For the littlest ones in your life, find baby blankets and quilts that promise all the quality and comfort of our other blankets, made in the right proportions for a crib or stroller. Whether you’re looking for a fringed throw for a reading nook or a sumptuous down blanket for your bed, you’ll find high-quality options to suit your needs and enhance your décor in the collection at Garnet Hill.