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Soft, Sumptuous Bath Linens & Towels

Indulge yourself in comfort with plush cotton bath towels, bath sheets, and monogrammed sets from Garnet Hill. Stock your bathroom with a sumptuous selection of bath linens that rivals any spa retreat. Our high-quality organic and Egyptian cotton towels with generous sizing offer instant warmth and superior water absorption. Bold solids, playful patterns, or cool neutrals make lively or muted washroom accents as you wish, and the sophisticated embroidery and dobby border hems add decorative details that won’t go unnoticed. A variety of complementary mix-and-match colors and complete sets allow you to create a coordinated look in your bathroom effortlessly. Monogrammed towels easily personalize your washroom and make extra-thoughtful holiday gifts for adults and newlyweds. Reach for Garnet Hill Signature towels and enjoy extra-thick, 600-gram cotton; choose the dimensions you desire from standard to oversized. Egyptian cotton woven with bamboo is a plush, velvety option, while our organic cotton and linen towels are textured for a rustic aesthetic. All our cotton face cloths, towels, and bath sheets are certified free from harmful substances so your bath linen collection is as safe and planet-friendly as it is comfortable and attractive.