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Bathroom Storage Baskets & Other Practical Accessories

Browse our Bath Storage & Accessories collection to find baskets, tub caddies, and other smart, attractive items to add utility and style to any bathroom. Keep essentials contained and out of sight using hand-woven bathroom storage baskets, available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. A small woven basket can function as a waste bin, while larger bathroom baskets offer appealing storage space for extra towels. Use a basket with a lid as an attractive laundry hamper. A garden stool-inspired side table serves utilitarian and decorative purposes in the bathroom; top yours with a potted plant or a stack of books for everyday style, or place it next to the tub to hold a phone, wine glass, or coffee mug while you bathe. Quilted bags keep cosmetics and toiletries contained at home and on the go, and they add a charming pop of pattern on your countertops or in a drawer. Put pretty yet practical finishing touches on your bathroom with storage and accessories from our collections.