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Bath Towels, Mats & Shower Curtains

Browse bath linens and décor at Garnet Hill to find plush cotton bathroom towels and sheets, soft rugs, and colorful shower curtains and accessories. Select a linen shower curtain in a bold hue or whimsical pattern to instantly refresh the look of your washroom. The drape and intricate trim are details that add interest to any space. Our absorbent bath mats and rugs soak up every splash while providing comfort underfoot, and they come in color palettes to coordinate easily with any theme. Superior-quality fabrics impart extra absorbency and an elegant feel to our towels. Our Egyptian cotton is a velvety, warming choice, waffle-weave and linen-blend towels offer spa-like comfort with their delightful texture, and our long-staple cotton terry is soft and substantial. Finish the bathroom with decorative bathroom storage bins that accommodate accessories and extra linens or hide kids’ bath toys to keep your washroom clutter-free and organized.