Kids’ Spring Parties: 5 Tips for Versatile Outfits

Spring holidays, parties, and concerts are just around the corner. And with them, a question looms:

What will she wear?

For many parents, that question is quickly followed by yet another question:
What will she wear – that she can actually wear again?”

Whether it has to do with budget, their child’s preference for more casual clothing, or simply a desire to avoid the wastefulness of wear-it-once fashions, dressing kids for special occasions can be a challenge.

Our tip? Take a slightly more relaxed approach. It’s possible to do this without sacrificing any of the panache that makes them look and feel extra-special on the big day.

Less formal, more comfortable clothing lets kids play, run, jump, and generally have fun — and when the festivities are said and done it becomes another outfit in their weekly wardrobe rotation.

Here are a few things to look for:

1. Simple silhouettes in standout colors

2. Delightful details like intricate embroidery or metallic trim

3. Vintage-inspired designs that give a nod to tradition

4. Dance-ready pieces like a voluminous, layered-tulle skirt

5. Leather-trimmed sneakers, metallic slip-ons, and sandals with unexpected embellishments

Once you’ve created the foundation for your child’s outfit, accessorize away with fun details like jewelry, a headband, or a hat to give the look a little extra festive flair.

To see more versatile styles like these, check out the Dressing Up collection.

Where have I seen that Twilight Saga actress before?

Mackenzie Foy
Before winning the Best Young Performer Critic’s Choice Award
for her role as Matthew McConaughey’s daughter in Interstellar…

Before acting in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn…

Before voicing a little girl in The Little Prince…

Before many more television, film, and commercial roles, Mackenzie Foy was a Garnet Hill Kids’ model. She appeared in the Garnet Hill Kids catalog at around the age of five.

Mackenzie Foy - Garnet Hill Kids Photo Shoot Circa 2005

Mackenzie Foy on a Garnet Hill Kids photo shoot, circa 2005

Mackenzie Foy - Garnet Hill Kids Catalog Cover Back-to-School 2010
And on the cover when she was 10.
Mackenzie Foy - Garnet Hill Kids
The LA native is now 16. We understand she practices Taekwondo, and plans to attend film school.

Will she mention us in an Oscars speech some day?

Either way, we wish her the best.