VIDEO: Four Yoga Poses to Energize your Morning


In honor of National Yoga Month and our recent visit to New York City with the Garnet Hill Mobile Boutique, we partnered with Deborah Langley, Creative Director of New York City’s Laughing Lotus Yoga Studio, to bring you four energizing yoga poses you can practice every morning in the comfort of your own home. No props needed – just you and maybe some of our activewear favorites.

Try these simple movements to declutter the mind and introduce a peaceful energy to your day.

1. Salute to the Sun:

Deborah’s Tip: Embrace the sweetness of the morning. Bring a swing into the pose by alternating stepping one foot back into a curtsy on the exhale.

2. Embrace the classic Downward Dog:

Deborah’s Tip: Add some strength postures to your morning flow. Knees can stay bent to discourage arching of the upper back. Straighten your legs, while still tucking your tailbone.

3. Seal the practice with a Seated Twist:

Deborah’s Tip: There is no yoga pose worth continuing if you can’t breathe easily. This repetition of movement is excellent for encouraging proper digestion and breath.

4. Wake up your hamstrings with a Low Lunge:

Deborah’s Tip: Be kind to your body from one shape to the next. Extend your arms overhead to encourage an even sweeter flow of breath.

And because it’s National Yoga Month, Laughing Lotus is giving Garnet Hill customers an exclusive gift: CLICK HERE and use the code GARNETHILL to redeem 30 days FREE access to Laughing Lotus online classes!

As Deborah always says,

“Any yoga is better than no yoga!”

Discovering Forgotten Beaches of NYC


From an ecological exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art, to an online journal of artistic responses to NYC’s waterways, to a personal journey exploring these “forgotten” places, Elizabeth Albert funneled her inspiration into a beautiful book, beckoning you to discover the curious past and present of New York City’s more than 600 miles of coastline.
Silent Beaches, Untold Stories: New York City's Forgotten Waterfront

“The more I explored the liminal edges of New York, the more questions I had: What has changed about our relationship to the waterfront?”

Silent Beaches, Untold Stories: New York City’s Forgotten Waterfront is a juxtaposition of history, fiction, and image – a must-read for any resident New Yorker. We had a chance to showcase this work of art and catch up with Ms. Albert at a recent event while Garnet Hill’s Mobile Boutique was stationed in the city’s South Street Seaport.
Elizabeth Albert - Silent Beaches, Untold Stories: New York City’s Forgotten Waterfront

“I felt that it was important to bring attention to some of the farther reaches of New York, as you say, the ones that feel very removed from the city, but are in fact the city. I also wanted to choose sites that offered a window into different aspects of NYC’s history—race, ecology, food, health, transport, crime, death — focusing on ones that had what I found to be the strangest and most compelling stories.”

We love stories about sustainability and reclamation journeys, and learned that there are efforts being made all over New York City to revitalize the waterfront. Of the ten sites in Silent Beaches, Untold Stories, several are being or have been actively attended to.

Quester Submarine, Coney Island Creek

Quester submarine, Coney Island Creek (Courtesy of Marie Lorenz): the once yellow sub never made it past launch and was unable to fulfill its mission to salvage the sunken Andrea Doria ocean liner.


Hart Island - New York City's Still-Active Potter's Field

Hart Island (courtesy of Luke Rafferty) New York City’s still-active potter’s field, where over 800,000 of New York City’s unclaimed dead have been laid to rest.

For more information about this book, you can check out Underwater New York or Artbook.

VIDEO: Apartment Therapy Tips to Style Small Spaces


We partnered with Apartment Therapy to bring you stylish tips for even the tiniest of spaces.

Cozy textures, natural materials and neutral colors keep our “tiny home” feeling luxurious.
Want to own the look?

Choose storage that looks good on display:

Wooden Bowl - Storage that Looks Good on Display

Own elegant details with your bedding:

Dream Quilt - Bedding with Elegant Details

Interested in ideas on how to style your small space?


Garnet Hill Cashmere: Not So Much a Fiber As a Feeling


There is a little-known group of rather brilliant artisans who hand-link the seams of premium cashmere sweaters.

Their work finds its way into the collections of a handful of high-end clothiers in Europe, and just one in the United States: Garnet Hill.

Garnet Hill Cashmere Sweaters. Shirttail Cashmere Sweater.

For years, we’ve procured cashmere sweaters from this family-owned company. The father and son who run it practice a philosophy that mirrors our own: a passion for sublime quality, happy employees, and genuine concern for the environment.

Cashmere Fibers from Inner Mongolia

The herds of Kashmir goats in Inner Mongolia that provide raw fleece for Garnet Hill sweaters are responsibly managed, to conserve the land. Where others mix breeds to increase yield, these animals remain purebred.

The herders are all family businesses, too.
Cashmere Goats from Inner Mongolia

The workspace where our cashmere sweaters are made is energy-efficient and spotless. Solar panels generate 60% of the company’s electricity. At night, before the lights go off, its cool, resin-treated cement floor is saturated with water; during the day, it releases the humidity level that superior cashmere requires in processing.

Father and son came up with that.

Our maker doesn’t tumble-dry cashmere, as most do. The friction of tumble-drying during manufacturing can add two years of wear in 45 minutes. Father and son solved that one, too, inventing a drying process that applies warm and cold air on drying beds. No tumbling, no wear.

Our Eco cashmere colors are entirely unbleached and undyed yarns; the color of the goat’s fleece is the color of your sweater.

The cashmere sweaters we do add color to are dyed with certified eco-friendly German dyes. Greenpeace once invited our dye-maker to show others how to reduce chemicals in water discharge.

We could go on…

But you know what they say about Internet attention spans. By now, you’re probably already picking out a color.

And who can blame you? In the end, cashmere isn’t really about the technical stuff.

It’s not the fiber, it’s the feeling.
Cashmere Goats from Inner Mongolia

VIDEO: Find Coziness with Signature Flannel


Welcome to Flannel Season. Coziness, found.

Goodbye, summer. Hello, fall. It’s a glorious time up here in New England…

The sun still warms the days, but the evenings dip down and get chilly, beckoning for layers. Children settle into their new school and after-school schedules, and we tend to grab a sweater before rushing out the door in the morning. We’re trading beach days for apple pickings, and backyard barbecues for tailgating.

It’s a time to nest, get inspired by the changing colors, curl up, and get cozy. It’s a time to seek out softness, comfort, and warmth – like our flannel sheets or PJs. We believe quality matters, just take a look:

What’s your go-to cozy piece when the weather starts to change?

Guide to Hiking in the White Mountains


With roots in Franconia, New Hampshire and an appreciation for all things beautiful, naturally, the Garnet Hill team has plenty to say when it comes to hiking in and around the White Mountains. Here are some of our favorites, grouped by difficulty.


Artist Bluff, Bald Mountain

Artist Bluff, Bald Mountain Photo by Jason Tors

A great hike for kids! – Photo by Jason Tors

This is a very short hike with two big pay offs at Artist Bluff and then on top of Bald Mountain. The distance is short but the hiking is very steep and rocky. Kids love this hike. Park across from Cannon Base Lodge, follow spur trail around to the ascent to Artist Bluff. After Artist Bluff continue up the trail over to Bald Mountain.

Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls Photo by Bill Cobb

The falls in winter are stunning – Photo by Bill Cobb

This out and back hike is longer with a more gradual incline. There are plenty of nice stopping spots along the stream. The falls are stunning year round but they are really incredible in winter.

Mt. Willard

Mt. Willard Photo by Bill Cobb

A great winter hike – Photo by Bill Cobb

An easy hike for all ages (and dogs too). Proximity to the AMC Highland Center makes this doubly great for beginner hiking families. The view at the top looking down at Crawford Notch State Park is amazing!

Zealand Falls
A longer hike with a slight incline that goes through some amazing woodland. Visit the hut for a cookie and continue on for great views of the Bondcliffs.


Mt. Pemigewasset aka Indian Head
Starting in Franconia Notch State Park, you’ll climb up through some gorgeous forest that weaves back and forth until you reach a small ridge and emerge onto large flat rocks perfect for picnics. Spectacular views looking into the wilderness west and south. You can walk around and find other great vistas looking back east to Mt. Lafayette and the rest of the Franconia range.

Lonesome Lake

Lonesome Lake Photo by Bill Cobb

Photo by Bill Cobb

Lonesome Lake is one of the most popular hikes in Franconia Notch. The hike up is steep with a few switchbacks then gradually levels off before approaching Lonesome Lake. Follow the trail to loop around the lake and take in the views of the back side of Cannon Mountain. At the far end of the lake be sure to visit the hut for a quick hot chocolate or chat with the caretaker.

Middle Sugarloaf

Views of Mt. Washington Photo by Jason Tors

Amazing views of Mt. Washington – Photo by Jason Tors

This hike is similar to Mt. Pemigewasset. This hike features many large glacial erratics on the bottom third of the hike, the trail becomes steeper as you get closer to the top. At the ridge you can go left or right or both! Going left to Middle Sugarloaf has the best view and wide flat rocks for lunch or a snack and amazing views into raw NH wilderness.

Welch and Dickey Loop
For any Bostonians looking for a day-trip getaway, we suggest the Welch and Dickey Trail Loop. It’s a 4.5-mile moderate level hike, just 2 hours away from the city. With wildflowers, streams, and a dog-friendly path, you’ll be glad you ventured out for some fresh air.


Mt. Lafayette, Lincoln, Little Haystack Loop

View of Mt. Lincoln from Little Haystack Photo by Bill Cobb

The view of Mt. Lincoln from Little Haystack – Photo by Bill Cobb

Give yourself the whole day for this hike, plan ahead for good weather and bring plenty of food and water. Start out by going up the old bridal path which will quickly ascend to a narrow ridge line with views across the notch of cannon, as you gain elevation you will be able to look down on Lonesome Lake. Before reaching the summit of Lafayette take a break at Greenleaf Hut. Here on out you are hiking above the treeline. Amazing views of the Franconia Ridge into the Pemi wilderness and all around. Bag three peaks along the ridge trail and begin descent via Falling Waters Trail. This trail is steep so take it slow. Finishes back where you started.

Mt. Jefferson via Caps Ridge Trail

Looking South to Mt. Washington Photo by Jason Tors

Looking south to Mt. Washington – Photo by Jason Tors

Located on the northern end of the Presidential Range, Mt. Jefferson offers unique vantage points looking south to Mt. Washington then 360° views all around for the duration of the climb. Do not be deceived by the short distance of this hike. It’s all very steep with many rock scrambles along the way. The start of the hike begins at relatively high altitude so within a mile you are hiking above the treeline. Be sure to attempt this hike on a clear day with plenty of food and water.

Of course, there are countless other options and breathtaking views to explore in the White Mountain Range — including Mount Washington, tallest peak in the Northeast at 6,288 feet and site of “The world’s worst weather.” If you’re ever in the area, be sure to pop into our outlet store in Franconia!

What are your favorite trails to hike in the White Mountains?

**Please note that while beautiful to behold, New Hampshire’s mountain landscapes can also be dangerous to hike due to steep ascents, rapid weather changes, and a variety of other risk factors. It’s important to know your ability, and to consult with local authorities and experts such as the AMC before beginning a hike.

The Boots, The Brands — The Fall 2016 Collection


Designer Boots at Garnet Hill - BEDSTU Barra Leather Tote, BEDSTU Eva Leather Wrap Boots

There’s nothing quite like a crisp breeze to signify the return of fall.

But we’ll be honest. We don’t want summer to end. After all, we live in the northern part of New Hampshire — The White Mountains. So when we feel that telltale breeze, we cling madly to the last traces of summer.

On the bright side, because of our harsh winters, we know better than anyone that there is only one good reason to shelve our summer sandals early: a beautiful new boot.

The luster.
The depth.
The crafted aesthetic.

Boots are the finishing touch to new layers of cashmere and skinny jeans. They extend the season for skirts and summer dresses. And a well-crafted boot fits like nothing else, while delivering a cool dose of iconic style.

The 2016 Fall Collection by BED|STÜ, Latigo, Trask, and Frye

Buttery, handcrafted leathers echo the classics. The finest standards of leather craftsmanship and precision stitching highlight the natural beauty of the grain. Artisan touches and stylish embellishments make it hard to choose just one pair.

In this collection, premium materials and resilient construction achieve the best of both worlds: timeless, elegant design and everyday wearability.

Designer Boots at Garnet Hill - BEDSTU Boots
Inspired by the resilient streets of Bedford Stuyvesant, New York, BED|STÜ bucks the trend of mass production to honor the uncompromising nature of cobbler and craft. Their handcrafted products are made to be as unique as those who wear them. Genuine, beautiful, and perfectly imperfect.
Shop BED|STÜ >>

Designer Boots at Garnet Hill - Trask Boots
Beautiful craftsmanship, rare hides, and design inspiration from the landscapes of the American West. Trask is an American icon that has earned its reputation one step at a time.
Shop Trask >>

Designer Boots at Garnet Hill - Latigo Boots
For the creative thinker who loves to blend vintage and new. Latigo draws inspiration from retro trends reimagined with an urban twist. Natural woods, authentic leather, and quality construction are combined to create a range of styles from festival street to boho chic.
Shop Latigo >>

Designer Boots at Garnet Hill - Frye Boots
In 1863, the shoes John A. Frye made eased the lives of factory workers in a small New England town. When homesteading sparked adventurers to head west in the mid 1800s, many wore Frye boots on their journey. Passion for crafting footwear as durable as it is handsome remains Frye’s benchmark, evident in every stitch, right down to the bottom of their soles.
Shop Frye >>

3 Ways to Wear Your Ruana


Life of Charmings blogger Brittany Bishop shares style tips for the transition to fall.

When I first saw Garnet Hill’s beautiful Cashmere Fringe Ruana, I knew I needed it in my wardrobe for this fall. I mean, who doesn’t love to wrap themselves in cashmere at the very first hint of autumn? And it’s not just any cashmere, mind you, this cashmere is made from the luxurious fleece of purebred Mongolian Kashmir goats. Now, that sounds just heavenly!

What I didn’t realize right away, though, was just how stylishly versatile this staple piece really is. Here are 3 ways to wear your gorgeous ruana this fall:

#1 Transitional

Throw it on with booties and shorts for a chic and cozy transition into the colder months.
Different Ways to Wear a Ruana - Garnet Hill Cashmere Fringe Ruana - #1

#2 Belted

Tailor your vibe with a simple belt around the waist.
Different Ways to Wear a Ruana - Garnet Hill Cashmere Fringe Ruana - #2

#3 Scarf style

Pull the whole thing forward to get a soft, flowy pashmina look.
Different Ways to Wear a Ruana - Garnet Hill Cashmere Fringe Ruana - #3
I’m not quite sure how I endured so many fall seasons without this necessary number, but now I’m in love! I cannot wait to don it each and every way possible in these upcoming months. Thank you, Garnet Hill.

Where did the name Garnet Hill come from?


It’s a question we’ve heard often in 40 years – right up there with “What’s the difference between a King and a California King?”

Garnet Hill is named for an actual hill – this one:

The Real Garnet Hill in New Hampshire

Photo by Jason Tors

Our gambrel-roofed office building is located in Franconia, New Hampshire. This hill is just up the road in the town of Sugar Hill, behind the former home of the couple who founded Garnet Hill 40 years ago, in 1976.
Garnet Hill Gambrel Office Building
An abundance of garnet stones are found in the rock under that idyllic New England landscape.

Garnets in Granite. Photo by Jason Tors.

Garnets in granite. Photo by Jason Tors

In the 1940s, actress Bette Davis vacationed in Sugar Hill when she wanted to get away from Hollywood, in a cottage she called Butternut. You can rent the place still.

She donated a grand piano to the town, which keeps it on the stage in its historic town hall. A while ago, at an employee celebration in the hall, one of us played it.

Garnet Hill is now 40 years along, but we’re just getting started. (And we don’t look a day over 39.) Some days the momentum of this business – with new products, new designers, new stores, a new office in Exeter, New Hampshire – leaves us almost breathless.

That’s when we think back to the serene place on the hill, just up the road.