Creative tips for traveling with kids

Low-tech entertainment for your next family vacation

As the season of family road trips and airplane travel approaches, it’s a good idea to have some fresh strategies ready to keep kids happy and occupied. Tablets and phones can be great in a pinch, but we love creative and interactive activities. Here are a few favorites:

Ask the kids to document the trip with an instant-print camera

Ocean Photos
You know, the old-fashioned kind. Introduce your kids to the joy of snapping a photo and waving it around in the air as you eagerly wait to see what develops.

Pro tip: You’ll want to ration the film – maybe even hide some extra in your bag – so you don’t run out before you’ve even left the driveway.

Create a collection with free (or nearly free) found items

Travel Bag
Anything from rocks, to sea glass, to coins, to flowers for pressing. Next, decide on some creative ways to catalog where you found each item and what it reminds you of.

Pack a journal/scrapbook with supplies

Butterflies on a Book
Give your child a journal for doodling, writing, and pasting in their photos. A blank book plus a glue stick, stickers, crayons and colored pencils for the younger set, and markers for older kids are all a good start.

Bring along a family mascot

Golddish in a Bowl
Pack something meaningful, but not priceless, like a photo of a pet who couldn’t make the trip or silly knickknack from home. Tote them along for funny photo ops and share their journey with family and friends.

Play some travel-friendly family games

Remember I-Spy? License-plate bingo? 20 questions? All of those car-trip classics are just as fun for kids now as they were back then, and they have the added benefit of engaging little imaginations.

Refresh your memory on how to play, and discover more games you may not know.

If you have the space, pack UNO, Go Fish, and Travel Yahtzee for more options.

Make a big deal out of little thrills

Kids are experts at this. The hotel elevator, the frog in the grass by the parking lot, the tiny swing set at the playground (rather than the over-the-top rides at the amusement park).

As every parent knows, the things you expect to make an impression are often not what kids are still talking about months and years later. And really, that’s part of the magic.

Step back whenever possible and let the kids take the lead. You may find it’s the key to your best vacation memories.

What are your suggestions for keeping everyone happy on a family trip?

How to naturally dye easter eggs

If you have kids at home, at some point this week you’ll most likely be coloring Easter Eggs with your little ones. You’ve seen the easy dye-kits at the supermarket containing vials of artificial food coloring, but this year we’re on a quest to find a more natural, sustainable method for coloring eggs.

Turns out one of our favorite bloggers, Kaley Ann, has mastered naturally-dyed Easter eggs and suggested a few options to try.

1. Use ingredients in your fridge and pantry.

Kaley may have stumbled upon this idea by accident but we think it’s brilliant – and not to mention safe and fun for the kids.

Select ingredients from the list below and boil in a small pot for 10 minutes with salt. Then pour the boiled liquid into mason jars, and add vinegar and hard-boiled eggs. Let the eggs sit in your homemade dye for a few hours, or leave over night for a more vibrant color.

Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

2 cups of chopped purple cabbage
2 cups of water
1 tablespoon salt
1 tablespoon vinegar

2-3 cups of blueberries
2 cups of water
1 tablespoon salt
1 tablespoon vinegar

1 beet, chopped
2 cups of water
1 tablespoon salt
1 tablespoon vinegar

1-2 tablespoons of paprika
2 cups of water
1 tablespoon salt
1 tablespoon vinegar

1-2 tablespoons of turmeric
2 cups of water
1 tablespoon salt
1 tablespoon vinegar

3 cups of chopped spinach
2 cups of water
1 tablespoon salt
1 tablespoon vinegar

2. Create ombre eggs.

Using the same method above, but remove an egg from the dye every hour or so. When you’re finished, your eggs can be arranged to create a beautiful gradient of color.

Kaley’s favorite ingredient to use for this is purple cabbage to create eggs in blue hues.
Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs in Blue

3. Keep them au naturel.

If you have access to a local farmers market that sells farm fresh eggs, you can try the ultimate natural Easter egg solution.
Natural Eggs
Just go pick out an array of beautiful farm fresh eggs in soft hues. From subtle blush tones to sea-foam greens to misty aquas, nature has already done the work for you!

Do you have any natural dye secrets to share? We’d love to hear them. Comment below.

Maple sugaring at The Rocks Estate in Bethlehem, NH

A horse-drawn wagon,
Bright blue tubing zigzagging from tree to tree,
The drip-drip-drip of sap falling into galvanized buckets,
Steam rising up from the sugarhouse as snow gently falls…

The Rocks Estate in Winter, Bethlehem, NH

Photo by Jason Tors

Maple sugaring is a time-honored tradition here in New England. It’s a sign that spring is on its way. To celebrate, we recently visited The Rocks Estate in nearby Bethlehem, New Hampshire for a little Maple Sugaring 101.

Collecting the sap requires the right conditions: warm days and chilly nights. And it takes 30-50 gallons of sap to create one gallon of maple syrup. Once the trees start to bud, the sap tastes different and the sugaring season is over.

Maple Syrup

Photo by Megan Bogdziewicz

We learned how to identify red maples (red buds at the end of the branches) and sugar maples (sharp needle-like buds), and how to responsibly tap trees. We identified a sugar maple in the tree line and used an auger to insert the tiny tap to get the sap flowing. When done correctly and placed in the right spot, the trees naturally fill in the hole after the season and it becomes almost invisible.

The sap didn’t taste like much directly from the tree, but we visited the steamy sugarhouse to see how it is boiled down into syrup and graded based on its color. After, we went back to the main building for a chef’s tasting and cooking demo from a local inn. Sweet and savory fritters with a touch of maple cranberry chutney — the end of a glorious maple-sugaring day.

The New Hampshire Maple Experience is offered in early springtime every year and The Rocks Estate is open all year long, offering various programs.

About The Rocks Estate

The heritage of The Rocks Estate reaches from the pastoral beauty of 1800s through the property’s modern-day role as a conservation and education center for the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests. Now home to the 1,400-acre North Country Conservation & Education Center for the Forest Society, The Rocks was once the summer home of Chicago businessman and International Harvester cofounder John Jacob Glessner and his family. In 1978, John and Frances Glessner’s grandchildren donated the estate, including 22 buildings, to the Forest Society, with the requirement that there always be a crop in the field. For more than three decades, that crop has been Christmas trees. Today, the Forest Society offers a host of other activities, from springtime maple tours and school programs to various natural history talks and customized experiential tours for small groups. The trail system at The Rocks is open daily to visitors.

Looks Like Now, Made Like Then™: French Linen

Spring is in the air here in the White Mountains, but we’ve been anticipating its arrival for months now with the launch of our newly expanded French linen collection.


If you could weave a summer day into fabric, it would feel like this. The most breathable of all natural fabrics, linen is a favorite in warmer weather. Our designs are breezy, with flowing lines and colors inspired by nature. In other words, everything coordinates beautifully, naturally.

French Linen Clothes at Garnet Hill: Easy Sleeveless Linen Tunic, Easy Wide-Leg Linen Pants

Linen has twice the strength of cotton


Our linen is made from the finest-quality fiber of its kind, grown under ideal conditions in Normandy, where the coastal climate and well-drained soil yield extra-long fibers of pure French flax. Once harvested by hand, it is then fanned out across a field and turned periodically for four weeks, to prepare for spinning.


French Linen Clothes at Garnet Hill: Easy Linen Tunic
Our exclusive spinning method creates a softer linen, with superior luster and texture that gets better still with washing.

The more you wear it, the more you wash it, the softer it gets.

We invite you to explore our French Linen Collection.

A local treasure: Tarrnation Flower Farm

Flowers at Tarrnation Flower Farm in Sugar Hill, NH

Photo by J.Harper Photography

The first thing spring brings to mind is flowers – perhaps because of our work with botanical prints.

Vanessa and Reggie Tarr - Tarrnation Flower Farm in Sugar Hill, NH

Photo by J.Harper Photography

In our neck of the north woods, this means a visit to our neighbors down the road, Tarrnation Flower Farm. The six-acre farm is a local treasure, with manicured gardens and iconic New England architecture.

Vanessa and Reggie Tarr, the daughter and father behind the blossoming business, were recently featured in Design New England (a Boston Globe publication).

Vanessa Tarr - Tarrnation Flower Farm in Sugar Hill, NH

Photo by J.Harper Photography

Vanessa Tarr - Tarrnation Flower Farm in Sugar Hill, NH

Photo by J.Harper Photography

Flowers at Tarrnation Flower Farm in Sugar Hill, NH

Photo by J.Harper Photography

Tarrnation Flower Farm in Sugar Hill, NH

Photo by J.Harper Photography

Reggie, who has worked in landscape design for more than 30 years, bought six acres of farmland in 1997 and began planting vegetables and perennials in his spare time. It wasn’t until three years ago, with Vanessa’s encouragement, that they created a business together, solely growing and selling flowers and arrangements.

As Vanessa was raised running through the gardens, her passion for flowers was inevitable. Today you’ll find her in the barn putting together bouquets for the farm’s CSA, in the studio creating arrangements for weddings, or out in the garden side by side with her father, harvesting or planting.

Originally a veggie grower, Reggie maintains a self-taught approach to growing flowers. His neatly cultivated gardens and beautifully grown blooms say everything about form and function on the farm. The farm is his form of art, and he finds solace in getting his hands dirty planting seeds or weeding the gardens.

For more information (and more beautiful photos of flowers), please visit the Tarrnation Flower Farm website or follow them on Instagram at @tarrnationflowers.

Tarrnation Flower Farm is located at 96 Streeter Pond Road, Sugar Hill, NH. It is open from June to mid-October and Thanksgiving to Christmas, Tuesday–Saturday, 9 a.m.–5 p.m. and by appointment (603-348-2223).

A familiar face: Yara Shahidi — Actress, social activist, and former Garnet Hill Kids model

One of the exciting things about having a children’s clothing collection is working with young models as they’re just starting out and seeing what they do next.

For some, like former Garnet Hill Kids model Yara Shahidi, these early experiences are followed by opportunities in entertainment and beyond.

A rising star for both her acting and social activism, Yara is now 17 years old and featured in the ABC comedy Black-ish. She previously appeared in over a dozen TV shows and films including Imagine That with Eddie Murphy and Salt with Angelina Jolie.

When not acting, Yara speaks on issues of social justice; volunteers at medical clinics; and spearheads YARA’S CLUB, an online mentorship program for young girls. She even teamed up with former First Lady Michelle Obama and Glamour in 2016 to lead an interactive discussion on issues disrupting education for girls around the world.

It’s inspiring to see what Yara has accomplished in the eight short years since she was a model for the Garnet Hill Kids catalog.

We can’t wait to see what she does next!

Spruce up your space for spring

Spring is the season to refresh, reboot, and reenergize. While it’s easy to feel inspired to take on big projects at the sight of melting snow and blossoming flowerbeds, we always prefer to start small and update our home décor as a way of kicking off the new season.

1. Swap out wintery sheets and linens.

Who says the beginning of spring means the end of crawling into a cozy bed with a good book? Lauren from House of Hire showed us a beautiful way to give the bedroom a clean look using this Brushstrokes Supima Cotton Bedding. She recommends these texturized and neutral sheets for both their comfort and aesthetic appeal.
Judy Ross Textiles Brushstrokes Supima Cotton Percale Bedding
Judy Ross Textiles Brushstrokes Supima Cotton Percale Bedding
Michele from Hello Lovely revealed that she is also a fan of the Supima Cotton Bedding look, dubbing the design “hip and young”. To complement the crisp pattern of the sheets, she chose a neutral throw pillow and added some fresh flowers to her nightstand.
Judy Ross Textiles Brushstrokes Supima Cotton Percale Bedding

2. Redefine spring cleaning on your terms.

If you are overwhelmed by the thought of spring cleaning, try out spring storage instead. Bring in a couple of lively pieces to brighten and declutter your household. Sarah Tucker turned the Elements Printed Canvas Storage Bin into the perfect accent piece for her bedroom.

3. Brighten up your bins.

Many of us associate the first breath of spring air with finally being able to spend some time outdoors. If you have kids, chances are your little ones will be playing outside and returning with plenty of that spring mud on their clothes. So since you’ll spend a little more time here, brighten up your laundry room like Monica of Lavin Label. We love how she added a vibrant pattern to her white laundry room with this canvas storage bin.
Judy Ross Textiles Elements Printed Canvas Storage Bins
Judy Ross Textiles Elements Printed Canvas Storage Bins
Judy Ross Textiles Elements Printed Canvas Storage Bins
How are you sprucing up your space for spring? We want to hear your tips!

Kids’ spring parties: 5 tips for versatile outfits

Spring holidays, parties, and concerts are just around the corner. And with them, a question looms:

What will she wear?

For many parents, that question is quickly followed by yet another question:
What will she wear – that she can actually wear again?”
Girls' Cotton Waterfall Dress
Whether it has to do with budget, their child’s preference for more casual clothing, or simply a desire to avoid the wastefulness of wear-it-once fashions, dressing kids for special occasions can be a challenge.

Our tip? Take a slightly more relaxed approach. It’s possible to do this without sacrificing any of the panache that makes them look and feel extra-special on the big day.

Less formal, more comfortable clothing lets kids play, run, jump, and generally have fun — and when the festivities are said and done it becomes another outfit in their weekly wardrobe rotation.

Here are a few things to look for:

1. Simple silhouettes in standout colors

Girls' Linen and Cotton Tulip-Hem Dress

2. Delightful details like intricate embroidery or metallic trim

Girls' Jolie Embroidered Cotton Dress

3. Vintage-inspired designs that give a nod to tradition

Boys' Woven Shirt by Tailor Vintage

4. Dance-ready pieces like a voluminous, layered-tulle skirt

Girls' Everyday Tulle Skirt

5. Leather-trimmed sneakers, metallic slip-ons, and sandals with unexpected embellishments

Girls' Embellished Leather Thong Sandals

Once you’ve created the foundation for your child’s outfit, accessorize away with fun details like jewelry, a headband, or a hat to give the look a little extra festive flair.

To see more versatile styles like these, check out the Dressing Up collection.

6 Hygge Tips for All-Season Coziness

When we think hygge (hoo-gah; Danish coziness), we often think of winter, hibernation, curling up in a big, thick blanket — but it’s a lifestyle, something to embrace all year long. We’ve come up with a list of ideas to keep that cozy, happy vibe going season after season.


Hygge Design Tips - Signature Toile Flannel Bedding
A crackling fire, the glow and sophisticated scent of candles, the shimmer of metallic and glass, fairy lights in branches… Whether it’s a gathering of family and friends or some well-deserved alone time, these things create a warm, inviting atmosphere.


Hygge Design Tips - The Blue Moon Bedroom
Soft cashmere, baby alpaca, New Zealand wool, lustrous silk, rustic linen, brushed cotton… Texture adds comfort and makes you feel relaxed and well rested. Surround yourself with what you love by layering your bed and wardrobe with pieces that make you feel good. Cocoon away!


Hygge Design Tips - The Organic Cotton Bedroom
By all means, get outdoors as much as you can, but when you must be inside, bring the nature into the space. Soft botanical prints, a knotty wood grain, driftwood, seashells, fresh flowers, house plants, and artfully arranged branches can add natural elements to a room. And don’t stop at home — infuse nature into your office or workspace, too.


Hygge Design Tips - Interlocking Box Shelves
Build and share mini libraries around your home. A collection of your favorites arranged on a nightstand in the guest room, a couple shelves in the living room, a basket of books in the breakfast nook or in the dining room. Engage family and guests (and spark conversations) with a wide array of topics and stories ranging from epic fiction and biographies to history and fine art books.


Hygge Design Tips
An ideal blend of practicality and art, there’s something truly special about hand-thrown ceramics. Eating warm noodles or oatmeal from a stoneware bowl, hot tea, coffee, or hot cocoa from a favorite mug, fresh flowers carefully arranged in a beautiful vase — all bring joy and comfort to daily routines.


Hygge Design Tips - Eileen Fisher Ombre Cotton and Linen Duvet Cover
There’s quiet power in color. Selecting the right palette and tones can help you find comfort, energize your wardrobe and home, and elevate your mood. We recommend shades inspired by nature: a sea of deep-blue hues, lush greens, the soft blush of a sun-kissed morning sky, earthy neutrals and undyed fibers that communicate the lay of the land.

For more inspiration and special picks, explore the hygge-inspired corner of our collection.

Hygge-Inspired Design Tips

With everyone scrambling to soak up as much of the Hygge influence as possible and incorporate the style into their homes, we’ve asked bloggers Kristy and Beth of Design Chic to share their thoughts on this popular trend. Below are five ways that you can instill some more soothing elements to make your home a more tranquil space.

You’ve heard of it around the web, seen it photographed in your favorite magazines and if you are like us, you couldn’t love the Hygge trend any more! Pronounced “hue-guh” – in case, like us, you were wondering – the Danish term applies to anything that is gentle, soothing, and, in a word, cozy.
Hygge-Inspired Home Decor
From candles to cashmere, sheepskin to a crackling fireplace, “hygge” is all about creating a feeling of tranquility and peace. At its core, the trend is centered around embracing life’s little moments and taking pleasure in the simplicity. But Hygge isn’t just for winter. Here are some of our favorite ways to create a more tranquil home all year long.

Make your bed everyday

Classic Stripe Jersey-Knit Bedding
Simply making your bed is a great first step toward a less cluttered, more peaceful existence. Small habits like this often clear the mess and pave the way for serenity and tranquility. And when your bed is beautifully-made with bedding that is a reflection of you, all the better!

Surround yourself with calming colors

Hygge-Inspired Bedding: Tori Wrinkle-Resistant Sateen Bedding
Surrounding yourself with colors that promote calm, restful feelings instead of those that stimulate the nervous system can provide an instant feeling of serenity. In general, colors that emulate those found in nature are perfect for relaxing our often over-worked minds.

Create a dedicated happy space

Garnet Hill Blue Moon Quilt Picnic
From that chaise in the corner of your bedroom to that perfect spot underneath the tree in the front yard, having a happy place is essential. We love this beautiful dock for resting and relaxing – and it’s the perfect spot for a picnic! This charming Garnet Hill quilt is a comfortable and super cute addition that makes for a fabulous outdoor experience.

Invest in a pair of comfy pajamas

Easy Knit Pajama Collection
Nothing is better than coming home after a long day at work and getting in your comfy clothes! The best thing about a great pair of pajamas is that not only will they help you sleep better but you can feel comfortable and cute while lounging at home.

Look for home pieces that are curl-uppable

Hygge-Inspired Home Decor: Colorful Sheepskin Pillows
You know that oversized chair that everyone in your family fights over? There’s a reason for that! Curling up in a comfortable chair can help promote feelings of relaxation and calm. It can even help your mind fall into a restful state before going to bed. A soft, luxurious throw is a must. From the couch to the boat and everywhere in between we can’t get enough of this stunning mohair throw.

Check out a few of our favorite picks from Garnet Hill to add Hygge-inspired charm to your home in droves.

Shop the Hygge Collection