GREEN IN EVERY COLOR: 5 ways to add sustainability to your shopping list for clothing and décor


Green in Every Color - Living SustainablyYou’d like to minimize your ecological footprint when choosing a new piece for the wardrobe, or new furnishings for the home. But what do you look for?

Here are five places to start. (We could offer 10, but in the spirit of the thing, we’re conserving…)

  1. Consider owning fewer, better things. When they’re made better, they last longer. Ask anyone who drives a classic Volvo or Mercedes, cooks with a cast iron pan handed down through the generations, or reads in a vintage leather chair inherited from a grandparent. A generation or two back, closets were smaller, too.
  2. Choose seasonless style. When a top is versatile enough to be worn through multiple seasons, the closet need not be refreshed quite so often. Layer a polo in spring, wear it solo in summer, layer it again in fall.
  3. Shop for timeless design. Timeless design is the antithesis of short-trend, disposable, “fast fashion.” It’s the classics. The jacquard jacket, the merino sweater, the versatile cashmere wrap. Around the house, forgo the “color of the year” in favor of neutrals accented with black, navy, and dark green. Your goal for the long term is understatement, simplicity, elegance.
  4. Consider sustainable fibers from animal sources. Alpacas grazing the highlands of Peru are sheared just once annually, year after year; farming them helps to preserve open land, as well. Kashmir goats and Merino sheep, herded responsibly, produce wool each year with less impact on the environment than traditional petroleum-based, manmade fibers.
  5. … and seek sustainable fibers from plant sources. Tencel, also called lyocell, has an especially smooth hand – similar to that of rayon – yet is a product of trees that’s called wood cellulose. Look for it in blouses, comforters, and rugs. Organic cotton is grown with fewer synthetic fertilizers and pesticides than conventional crops, and is found in better clothing and home goods. Its quality is as good as or better than non-organic cottons, yet it supports biodiversity, and healthier ecosystems.

Reclaimed materials are ever more prevalent today, too.
A recent favorite of ours is an EILEEN FISHER basket made in part from recycled prayer rugs. Amen to that!

This is but a primer. We’ll continue to explore sustainability in all its forms, and hope you’ll join us.
The approach seems only natural.

ON LOCATION: Shooting Spring ‘17 with Garnet Hill, PART 1: NAXOS


In September of 2016, our photography team spent three weeks shooting Spring ‘17 swimwear and clothing collections in two unforgettable settings: the Greek island of Naxos, and Tuscany.

Situated in the heart of the Aegean Sea, Naxos is the largest of the Cycladic islands, and the stage upon which many events in Greek mythology are set.

Zeus – king of the Greek gods, and not one to be trifled with – was said to have been raised on Naxos; Zas, its tallest mountain, is named for him.

The wedding of Dionysus and Ariadne is said to have blessed the island with the fertility in its earth and the wine in its inhabitants.

Garnet Hill Photo Shoot on Naxos, Spring 2017. Morning energy, all smiles.

Morning energy, all smiles.

Garnet Hill Photo Shoot on Naxos, Spring 2017. In the Aegean Sea.

In the Aegean Sea

The island boasts mountains, fertile valleys, gorges, traditional villages, monasteries, castles, and, of particular interest to us for a swim shoot, seascapes.

Garnet Hill Photo Shoot on Naxos, Spring 2017. We constructed this set on the beach, to add dimension. You’ll see it in our catalog and online.

We constructed this set on the beach, to add dimension. You’ll see it in our catalog and online.

Garnet Hill Photo Shoot on Naxos, Spring 2017. Crew and model at work.

Crew and model at work.

Did you catch the Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown episode on the Greek Islands? It was part of the reason we chose Naxos. Many Greek islands have been our backdrop over the years, including Crete, Paros, Mykonos, and Corfu.

Garnet Hill Photo Shoot on Naxos, Spring 2017. Filtering the light. Shoots typically pause for 90 minutes at noon, when the sun is directly overhead and less favorable.

Filtering the light. Shoots typically pause for 90 minutes at noon, when the sun is directly overhead and less favorable.

Garnet Hill Photo Shoot on Naxos, Spring 2017. Guess which one is the model.

Guess which one is the model.

The crew members we convened for this trip hail from Los Angeles, New York, Argentina, New Zealand, England, France, Greece, and Brazil. Two had birthdays during the shoot and were sung a birthday song in English, Greek, Italian, Spanish, French, and Portuguese. A memorable celebration, though one gets hungry for cake by the end.

We were always made to feel welcome on Naxos by the local folks, many of whom spoke English. But their hospitality came as no surprise. Zeus has always been a protector of strangers and guests.

Garnet Hill Photo Shoot on Naxos, Spring 2017. A long day done.

A long day done.

The Artist’s Bed: Hable’s Inspiration for Spring Collection


New Hable Bedding at Garnet Hill - Hable Watercolor Duvet and ShamInspired by the beauty of nature and Susan Hable’s paintings, we have collaborated with Hable Construction® once again to launch a fresh, new collection of exclusive home designs. We caught up with Susan Hable to get her design insight and inspiration for our latest crop of Hable creations.

Q: How would you describe the new collection?
A: Our spring collection marks a rebirth of sorts. It’s still classically Hable, but with a nostalgic nod to our upbringing, capturing the artisanal spirit of such things as inviting colors, handmade crafts, vintage fabrics — all the things we love, updated with a sophisticated touch. This collection captures that spirit with pretty, muted colors and varying scales of patterning. It’s easy to live (and decorate) with, lending itself as the perfect foundation for a cozy and colorful home.
New Hable Bedding at Garnet Hill - Hable Printed Percale Bedding and Hable Dot Coverlet and Sham
Q: How does it differ from your past collections with Garnet Hill?
A: Many past collections were driven by specific motifs. A cactus, a colorful fish, quirky beach huts… all things we love to do, but they were seasonally specific. The new collection is designed to span seasons and work in many decors. They are wonderful to layer, and mix and match. Each design is timeless, destined to become a favorite pieces to dress the bed.

Q: What do you love most about the collection?
A: We love the collection’s playfulness with varying scales. From tiny, intricate patterns on sheets to the duvet cover’s painterly brushstrokes and the larger woven dots of the coverlet and shams, the pieces, though eclectic, all work together. We encourage you to mix them with solids and other patterns — even layer them with beloved pieces that you’ve collected over the years.

Q: What was the inspiration behind these fresh designs?
A: We dug deep into our family history, specifically our mother’s Norwegian and Scottish heritage. We remember the pretty hues from our family home. They lent themselves to beautiful, layered bedding. As always, we also take our color cues from the outdoors — the glimmer of light on water, the texture and symmetry found in nature. It all comes together in this collection. We also enjoyed being more artistic with these designs, without it being too serious. That stays true the Hable aesthetic!

Discover the new collection and tell us what you think.
What are your favorite designs?
Shop the Collection

Get Inspired with this Alpine-Chic Décor


Are we the only ones who associate the snowy season with hunkering down next to a crackling fireplace in a cozy mountain lodge? Whether it’s the prospect of daily skiing on the slopes or warming up with a mug of hot chocolate, there’s just something about that rustic winter setting that warms our hearts.

This time of year, we find ourselves inspired by Alpine-style rustic décor. Here are a few shots from a prior photo shoot that might inspire some new décor ideas for your home or your chalet in the mountains.

Alpine Decor

An ode to a traditional country cabin, we love the playful elements and bright pops of color that contrast against the dark wood grain. Don’t be afraid to play with vibrant pinks, purples, and oranges.

Alpine Decor

How much do you want to snuggle under the covers of this cozy bed and watch as it snows? The mix of nostalgic ski prints and classic flannels are the perfect match.

Alpine Decor

And finally, rustic chic meets a touch of big-city glam in this more polished arrangement. A simple, calm color palette allows the rustic architecture to shine through. Plus, we love the idea of adding that personal touch with beautiful monogrammed pillowcases. Who says an alpine getaway can’t be elegant?

Whether you’re looking to deck out your winter vacation home or create that rustic lodge ambiance year-round, these three looks may be just what you need to get that first spark of inspiration! Which style would you choose?

Ideas for When You’re Snowed In with Kids


There’s nothing quite like a snow day to get kids up and out of bed earlier than almost any other day of the year. Even the sleepiest of sleepyheads can’t seem to resist the promise of an unexpected, school-free day.

But once the initial thrill wears off, how do you keep your kids entertained during all that free time (and divert their attention from the television)? With no chance to prep activities, snow days can mean a whole lot of extra stress for busy parents.

Fortunately, we’re no strangers to snow days here in New Hampshire so we’ve collected tons of ideas from Pinterest for creative crafts and activities. Here are some of our favorites:

Kids Get Crafty: Ice Ornaments

Snowball Target Practice from

Snowball Target Practice

How to Build an Igloo from

Find more ideas for winter activities in our Fun Kids’ Projects board on Pinterest.

Holidays with the Hables


This season, we are taking the time to celebrate new and old traditions. One of our longest-running traditions is our holiday collaboration with Hable Construction® to design our festive felt stockings. The Hable sisters, Susan and Katharine, are serious about the holidays in their home, so we sat down with them to chat about their traditions in hopes of inspiring some new ones with our family and yours. Here are their thoughts.

Get Creative with Stocking Stuffers

Homemade stocking stuffers are really thoughtful – and many don’t take a lot of time! We love the idea of using found shells as salt cellars. You could also drill holes and string them to make a necklace or a decorative garland. Tiny paintings make a sweet gift, and don’t forget chocolate!

Hable Christmas Stocking in Elf Blowing Stars

New Pajamas on Christmas Eve

We have a family tradition of always getting a new pair of pajamas on Christmas Eve. These genie pajamas were our favorites! Traditions like this one build lasting memories and give you and your family something to look forward to for years to come.
Hable Sisters - Genie Pajamas

Making a Game of Trimming the Tree

The holidays are a HUGE deal for us at Hable Construction, so we always travel home to Texas to spend these special times with extended family and friends. Here’s a little peek of the tree at our mom and dad’s house. Every year, our mom hides a golden pickle somewhere on the tree and whoever finds it gets a special gift!

Christmas Tree

Start a New Tradition with New Designs

Sometimes a beautiful personalized stocking can make the gift inside feel a little more special. Our favorite additions to our holiday collection at Garnet Hill are these printed botanical stockings in berries, floral, and greenery. We are proud to expand the selection beyond our forever-festive wool felt friends and add some beautiful painterly designs from Susan’s artwork.
Hable Botanical Stockings

How to Create a DIY Holiday Sign


December is here, and the scramble for last-minute gifts has begun. If you’re in need of a little inspiration, we have a DIY gift idea for you. This gift is easy to make and incredibly thoughtful: a personalized holiday sign.

Or, if you’ve already checked everyone off your list this year, create one to add a bit of festive décor to your own home.

DIY Holiday Sign

Our friend and blogger Kelli Delaney of KDHamptons showed us how to craft these signs on a recent weekend at our Bridgehampton store. Now we want to share them with you!

Below we’ve listed the necessary materials to complete this project. You can create begin by sourcing pallet wood or using four individual wooden boards and nailing them together.
DIY Holiday Sign

Materials Needed:
1 rustic wooden sign
1 foam or bristle paintbrush
Stencil paint or acrylic paint, color of your choosing
Plastic letter stencil sheet

Step One: Cut Stencils

Decide what to write inside the wreath. Take the stencil sheet, cut out the letters, and position them inside the circle.
Scissors and Holiday Ribbon

Step Two: Prep Your Paint

Gather your painting supplies – foam or bristle paintbrush, container or paper plate for paint, newspaper to avoid mess. When ready, pour a little paint out and coat your brush evenly in paint.

Step Three: Paint Away!

If you are using a foam brush, hold the stencil down firmly with your non-painting hand, and evenly fill in the letter using a blotting or sponging technique. Repeat for all other letters and remove stencils upon completion.
Creating a DIY Holiday Sign
DIY Holiday Sign
Or, for all you artists out there, freehand with a paintbrush like Kelli.
Painting a DIY Holiday Sign
Voila! A beautiful, rustic holiday sign with a special personalized touch. Who on your list would love to receive this handmade gift?
DIY Holiday Sign Finished

Need more inspiration?

We spotted these wooden signs by local artist Stacey Lucas in a restaurant in nearby Bethlehem, New Hampshire. Enjoy!
New Hampshire Wooden Sign by Stacey Lucas

What to Wear for Every Holiday Event


Via Spiga Leopard Print Coat
When it comes to holiday shopping or a small gathering with friends, comfort and style prevail. We recommend a spot of cozy cashmere mixed with denim, corduroy, or matchstick pants. Equestrian-style leather boots offer comfort while keeping in step with the trends. Complete the outfit with a big roomy tote that holds everything for holiday errands.


Garnet Hill Chevron Down Coat
From finding the right Christmas tree to having an impromptu sledding party, you never need to trade warmth for fashion. A channeled down coat provides insulation and a fashionable shape. Dressing in layers allows you to customize your comfort as temperatures fluctuate. A nice pair of boots (appropriate for snow, if need be) and toasty cashmere accessories round out the look.


Garnet Hill Pointelle-Collar Cashmere Sweater and Slim Velvet Pants
Whether you’re entertaining family and friends at home on the “big day” or attending an office party at work, we recommend combining fine fabrics and designer details for classy comfort. An easy cashmere sweater in a beautiful hue and distinctive shape is so inviting. Try a touch of velvet or lace to add opulence to easy-to-wear silhouettes. Look for styles with decorative details that keep the look fresh and festive.


Evening work parties, holiday soirées, and New Year’s Eve are invitations to turn up the glamour. There’s just something festive about the shimmer and shine of sequins and the glint of a fabulous piece of statement jewelry.
Garnet Hill Silk-Bow-Detail Blouse and Festive Pencil Skirt
For something feminine and flirty, try a dress with a lacy overlay. Lace provides coverage while creating a subtle peekaboo effect.
Garnet Hill Boheme Easy Lace Dress
When in doubt, always remember that a little black dress is your best friend. It can effortlessly move from day to night, workday to an evening out. Simply transform the look by switching out tights, boots, and a roomy tote for a pair of heels, bold jewelry, and a beautiful clutch.
Garnet Hill Brianna Knit Dress

Welcoming a New Designer to Our Family


Judy Ross Joins the Family

Last month, we hosted a private VIP preview with Editor At Large at HSN’s New York City showroom to debut the new designer collaboration between Judy Ross Textiles and Garnet Hill. The new Judy Ross Textiles collection will launch in February with our Spring collection and will be exclusive to Garnet Hill.

Judy Ross is a New York-based artist and textile designer. All her designs originate from either a hand drawing or painting boasting a beautifully vibrant, modern design aesthetic. And since the collection also emphasizes the importance of natural fibers, something that is very important to us, the collaboration is a natural fit.

Judy Ross of Judy Ross Textiles

Judy Ross

While we can’t show you everything right now, we’re so excited about this partnership that we wanted to give you a sneak peek.

Top-tier media, design industry influencers, and VIP attendees all seemed thrilled about the collection as well, but we’ll let them tell you themselves.

“Our launch party for Judy Ross’s new home collection was a huge success! Guests included VIPs from top media outlets, architects, stylists, and interior designers. Garnet Hill was pleased with the positive response as the collection was well received by all!”– Wendy Thayer, Garnet Hill

Judy Ross Textiles at Garnet Hill - Wendy and Marisa, Editor at Large

Wendy & Marisa, Editor at Large

Judy Ross Textiles at Garnet Hill - Wendy Thayer and Kendell Cronstrom

Wendy & Kendell Cronstrom

“Judy Ross Textiles by Garnet Hill is an extensive home collection that mixes timeless, organic, contemporary patterns in beautiful color palettes. The versatile collection includes gorgeous bed linens, throw pillows, carpets, bathroom accessories, and even upholstered stools. There are several layers to this exciting, new collection with so many textures in each pattern and color way that all the pieces complement each other. There is truly something for everyone.” – Melanie Roy, Melanie Roy Design

Judy, Toby, Dovanna - Judy Ross Textiles at Garnet Hill

Judy, Toby, Dovanna

Toby, Judy, Craig - Judy Ross Textiles at Garnet Hill

Toby, Judy, Craig

“When I mention our new design partnership to clients, many comment that they’re already customers of Garnet Hill. They’re enthusiasts of original, distinctively clean design in home goods, which just reinforces the natural partnership between our two brands.” – Judy Ross, Judy Ross Textiles

We can’t wait to debut the new collection this February. Until then, we’ll be dreaming about new home décor ideas for our own homes…
Judy Ross Textiles at Garnet Hill