Our Asian Wrap Pajamas, A Love Story

Garnet Hill Asian Wrap Pajamas

More than 1,300 reviews with a 4.6 out of 5 star rating…

For more than 10 years now, our Asian Wrap Pajamas have been hailed as tried-and-trues. Why do women love them?


Pure, eco-friendly Green Cotton®. It’s soft, lustrous, and made under the strictest protocol, ensuring as little impact on the environment as possible. It truly is fabric that feels as good as it looks.



We’re known for our original prints. Our designers are artists, so it’s no wonder customers look forward to seeing what they’ve dreamed up with each new season. You can always find your favorites, but we love to spice things up with exclusive prints that herald a new season.


Read the reviews and you’ll see: “the fit is TTS” (True To Size); “the waist doesn’t gape”; and they’re “nice and roomy without being sloppy big.”

Still not convinced? Maybe these will tempt a try:

I can’t recommend these enough.

— Southern California

Man, do I love them! I wear them to death!

— New Jersey

I order one pair every year because I love them so much. Pretty soon I’ll have a pair for every day of the week.

— Rhode Island

They are THE best fitting, most comfortable pj’s you can own. I love everything about them (have 4 pairs, all different prints). Keep them coming, Garnet Hill!

— Betty (on our Facebook page)

Although I don’t own a pair my mother has had over a dozen and what I love about them is that no matter what type of day she has had, as soon as she comes home she puts them on and instantly looks refreshed and chic! Plus it’s pretty sweet to always know my mom is wearing some sort of adorable ensemble to sleep every night.

— @sophietopolsky (on Instagram)

Besides: like everything we sell, they’re guaranteed. If you’re not delighted, we’ll take them back — simple as that.

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