Once Upon a Dream: The Story Behind Our Imaginative Bedding Designs for Kids

Garnet Hill New Kids' Bedding

Back-to-school season: time for new beginnings, new friendships, and new bedding!

As the sun sets earlier and sleep schedules become more routine, a new set of sheets and cozy quilt or comforter is a creative way to generate a little excitement about snuggling in for the night — something that sure can’t hurt at bedtime!

Our newest sheets, quilts, and comforters are all about imagination, individuality, and appreciation for the colorful way kids view the world. We sat down recently with Erin Fortin, our Children’s Designer, to talk about the new patterns — her first bedding collection.

How is designing children’s bedding different from designing clothing?

I thought designing bedding would be like a whole new world, but it really isn’t. We are speaking to the same child….whether she likes a cute outfit or a printed pony sheet, her choice is about self-expression.

What appeals to you most about designing bedding for kids?

My favorite thing about designing home product for kids is the fact that a child’s room is their most special place in the world (one that they can control). It was important to me to find or create prints that would fit into these little worlds well. I wanted to make something for her that she just HAD to have.

Can you share a bit of your personal inspiration for one of the new patterns?

For boys I would buy the superhero masks a thousand times over for my own son but I created them with my little brother Blake in mind, who always seems to have a mask and a cape on even if it’s imaginary. This print came to be because of him and his obsession with all things super.

Meet the Prints
This new collection sends kids off to sweet dreams in downy soft flannel or smooth percale, printed with original designs that celebrate a child’s favorite things. Discover the pattern that speaks to yours:

Garnet Hill Pony Up Percale Bedding The Horse Lover
These ponies will gallop straight into the heart of any budding equestrian.

Garnet Hill Glow-in-the-Dark White Rockets Flannel BeddingThe Aspiring Astronaut
Beloved by space fans of all ages (including many relatively grown-up Garnet Hill staffers) the rockets design is a classic!

Garnet Hill Rainbows Flannel BeddingThe Daydreamer
Children who love gazing up at dolphins, strawberries, or sunflowers (in cloud form, of course) will relish sleeping amidst rainbows on sky-blue flannel.

Garnet Hill Superhero Percale BeddingThe Superhero
Supercool superhero masks on crisp percale sheets save the day — and bedtime!

Garnet Hill Princess Percale BeddingThe Princess
Every night is a coronation in her honor with new princess crown sheets.

Garnet Hill Sweet Dreams Flannel BeddingThe Sweetheart
Colorful cupcakes with billowy layers of frosting on soft flannel — for the girl who’s as sweet as can be.

Garnet Hill Power Stripe Comforter and Flip-Side Quilt

The Graphic Artist
The new Power Stripe Comforter and returning favorite Flip-Side Quilt add a brilliant layer of warmth, and are both designed to enhance these colorful bedding designs.

Which pattern would your child love most?

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