Summer – here at last!

First Day of Summer

June 21 is the first day of summer — that time of year when you open all the windows, lighten your layers, and make every weekend last as long as you can. It’s your invitation to kick back, enjoy the fresh air, and eat sorbet right out of the carton. Summer’s calling you — turn in your personal days for beach days, move from the bedroom to a sleeping porch, and always bring a swimsuit and towel along for a spontaneous quick dip.

Refresh your wardrobe with a new favorite pair of shorts (or two), pretty sundresses, and open-toed sandals. Brighten the look and feel of your home with a nautical rug, a tropical quilt, or a cheerful new print on crisp cotton sheets.

Welcome summer! How do you celebrate sun season? For more ideas for warmer weather, take a peek at our latest collections for home, women’s apparel, and kids.

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