Pattern Power: The Greek Key Towel

Garnet Hill Greek Key Towels

Great news! The Greek Key Towel was recently featured in a leading consumer magazine. They listed it as a Bright Idea for the bath, saying:

BUY FUN TOWELS! These geometric beauties will perk up any bathroom. They’re made of Egyptian combed cotton in a Greek-key design with a contrasting-color hem. How about one color for each family member?”

It also appeared in a Real Simple Daily Finds online post featuring patterned beach towels. Here’s what they said about the Greek Key Bath Sheet:

While you may not be swimming in the Aegean Sea, the Greek-key design offers a beautiful pad on which to relax and dry off.”

We love the Greek-key motif for its bold graphic quality. It gives a powerful nod to the geometric trend in a way that’s classic and refreshingly bold. This season, it’s all about bright hues paired with white, and if you can add a contrast detail, it only makes the design more colorful and refreshing.

If you like this pattern, you might also like the Labyrinth Quilt and Sham or the Labyrinth Garnet Hill Doormat — two more Garnet Hill exclusives that embrace this bold trend. Get inspired by more great graphics with our latest collection. What graphics are you gravitating toward this season?

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