What’s in Our Suitcase — 6 Travel Must-Haves from Lilly Pulitzer®

Lilly Pulitzer Packing Tips

We recently caught up with Janie Schoenborn, Lilly Pulitzer®’s Vice President of Creative Communications, for a little travel inspiration and tips on what every Lilly Pulitzer girl should pack in her suitcase. Here’s what she had to say:

We travel constantly — always chasing the sun! Lilly told us stories of packing up her kids for the summer months and heading to Capri, where they ran around wild. Not sure if she was talking about the kids or the grown-ups!Janie Schoenborn

Lilly is an essential for every suitcase. Everything we design comes from the resort state of mind, and we know how to outfit your every need while away. Here are some of our favorites:

1. The Murfee Scarf
Why is it that wherever we go, we get chilly? In the hottest of spots, once the AC gets turned on, we need a wrap. This printed scarf is perfect because it rolls into a tiny packable – taking up no space in your suitcase – but opens up to the ultimate luxury.

2. The Shift Dress
We simply do not leave home without a shift dress. Dressed up or down, this classic shape is ALWAYS appropriate.

3. Supergoop!®
Sunscreen is essential. We are really, really good about it and we can’t say that about much!

4. Running Shoes
Exercising is a part of the daily routine. Must work off the canapés!

5. Jewelry
We believe in jewelry — and lots of it! At one point a wise woman told us to simply “bring a change of pearls for dinner” and we took it to heart. Jewelry can make quite a statement and is a fabulous way to dress up an outfit when traveling. The best part? It doesn’t take up too much room!

6. Swedish Fish®
We need snacks. Naughty. Sugar high. On the plane, in the hotel room around 4 p.m. — candy is always good to stash. We always keep a Snickers® bar in the secret compartment of the golf cart. You never know when you’re going to need a little jolt of something sweet.

What are your favorite travel necessities? For more inspiration, view our latest collection, including hot Lilly fashion picks.

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