Our Trip to Denmark: A Fashion Designer’s Perspective

Denmark PhotosMore thoughts and photos from our recent trip to Denmark. This time we spoke with Megan Wendt, associate designer for women’s fashion. Here’s what Megan had to say:

Taking in the Scene

The trip was incredible! We stayed right on the harbor. There were cobblestone streets and the old buildings were so colorful and had such intricate details, making the city an instant inspiration. People bike everywhere, and they take such good care of the land. You can see it in all of the details — it was clean and filled with flowers and green spaces.

Danish Fashion: Balancing Form & Function

In Denmark, every piece of clothing is fun and exciting in some way — an unexpected detail here, a beautifully sewn finish there. They tend to put pockets in everything — I love that! And they never just make clothes just to clothe a person, the clothing always tells a story and suits a purpose.

Exhibitions of Art & Design

We visited the Designmuseum of Danmark. They had a fabulous exhibit called Three Perspectives on Everyday Design. It was an interesting study of the function and design aesthetic of everyday objects — clothing, a trash can, a spoon, and so forth. Our next stop was the Carl-Henning Pedersen & Elise Alfelts Museum where this Danish couple’s work is on display — and the artists actually created the ceramic frieze that covers the building. We also went to the ARoS Aarhus Art Museum. They have a beautiful ‘floating’ walkway on top of the museum called Your Rainbow Panorama. It was so amazing — you can see the city in a different color wherever you stand.

The Green Cotton® Way

The building that houses Green Cotton’s headquarters is very beautiful — so many green features throughout. And the people that work there are so friendly and accommodating. We worked on the final details for our Fall/Winter 2014 collection and picked fabrics and prints for Spring 2015. They showed us a new fabric that we’re excited to use for our leggings next spring. Yes, we’re already planning that far out.

The scenery, the culture, the art, and the commitment to the environment — all things that inspire us. What inspires you? For a closer look at Green Cotton kids’ designs and sleepwear, check out our current collection.

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