Just Sit on the Porch and Swing — One Colorful Hable Summer

Hable Construction and Garnet HillWe caught up with sisters, Susan and Katharine Hable of Hable Construction®, known for their whimsical textile designs. We’re celebrating our latest collaborative collection of bold home accents and their inspirational approach to summer style. Here’s what they had to say:

Sun, Fresh Air — an Invitation to Get Outdoors

Time to dust off your porch and create an extra comfy space to greet the day! At the Hable studio we look forward all year to enjoying our lunches in the breeze and sunshine, and dedicate time to enjoying the blooms that inspire so much of what we do.

Coffee in the morning and wearing your favorite slippers and pj’s is ideal in this space, and colorful accessories play a big part in enjoying the change of the season. It’s perfect to decorate with the same intent that you put into the other rooms of your home, and it becomes even more perfect as it makes the summer transition to become the main room for meals and hanging out when the weather is nice.

As Bright and Fun as a Trip to the Beach

Ocean scenes take you to the sand and surf no matter where you are. Cheery colors and iconic Hable elements, such as hibiscus and parakeets, surround you with tropical fun.  I would like to curl up here and look at a magazine right about now!

An Upbeat Approach to Great Design

We have a blast creating products for the space that we all dream about, and make it super special with our American-made, heavy-duty canvas storage bins. Made in Rhode Island from our hand-printed fabric and shaped into bins, these vessels carry anything that needs containing! A stack of magazines, a collection of favorite books for all ages, simple toys for the kiddos, even treats for the pups — keep this decorative storage handy for anything you need to grab. Garnet Hill’s soft runners and sturdy doormats greet you with color and smiles too, making it a great place to breathe in and feel gratitude.

The kids are at school, the email is caught up, the studio is full of new ideas — it’s the perfect time to take twenty minutes to yourself. Now just sit on the porch… and swing. Ahhhhh.

What do you look forward to the most about summer? How do you celebrate and reflect the season in your decor? Please share your tips and ideas with the Garnet Hill community.

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