How Lilly Inspires Us at Home

A Classic Photo of Lilly Pulitzer at Home


Janie SchoenbornMeet Janie Schoenborn, Lilly Pulitzer® Vice President of Creative Communications. We’re thrilled to catch up with Janie and share her thoughts and inspirations from her first visit to Lilly Pulitzer’s home. Pull up an elephant stool, pour yourself a cocktail, and enjoy this wonderful account of the iconic Lilly lifestyle in its fabulous natural habitat.

Looking back, one of the greatest thrills of my career was the very first time I met Lilly. I had spent time as a kid in Palm Beach and traveling there was always fun — suitcases were filled with bright clothes and the family would head to the Breakers. This trip was different. All those brightly colored clothes that I packed would now be worn in the home of Lilly Pulitzer, the legend.

What struck me most about Lilly’s home was not the physical house, although it was SO CHIC, but the mood it evoked. Everyone was welcome. Everyone got hugs on the way in. Lilly was barefoot and wore a fabulous pink tunic over white pants. There were cats and houseguests and grandchildren all roaming around. Laughter came from the kitchen, ice clinked in glasses, and water splashed from the pool. The total environment embodied the carefree resort lifestyle that Lilly created.

When you looked more closely you saw a giant birdcage in the dining room, ceramic elephant side tables, and orchids everywhere. It was eclectic, happy, bright, and vacation-like. It’s that understanding of the carefree that we bring to everything we do today. Kick off your shoes, throw on an easy dress, use color on breezy nights to heat up the room. Lilly’s style and the way of dressing she created came from her understanding of a life in the sun…and her home exuded that! When in doubt, add an elephant.

We just can’t get enough Lilly — can you? Read more about Janie and see our latest collection of Lilly fashions and home textiles.

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