Hop the Pond: A Little Danish Inspiration for Future Collections

DenmarkWhen we need a little bit of inspiration, we like to hit the road or hop the pond, to look for something distinctive, fun, and new to bring back to our collection. Recently, our merchants and designers traveled to Denmark to check in with Green Cotton® and take in a little Scandinavian design. We caught up with Erin Fortin, our lead apparel and home designer for kids, to get her thoughts on the trip. The team brought back so many wonderful photos. We just had to share some of the highlights with you.

Welcome to Aarhus

While searching for cute boutiques and small shops, we visited the college town of Aarhus. This was my favorite place to shop. The city had so much character and you could really get a feel for Danish culture. So many young, beautiful people flying around on bicycles! I really don’t know how they managed with all the cobblestone streets.

Copenhagen’s Sense of Calm

In Copenhagen it felt more international and urban than Aarhus, but you could still see a lot of the Danish way of living shine through. The main streets became congested with lots of people at times, but somehow the city maintained a quiet sense of serenity. Even at its busiest times of day, everyone seemed calm, respectful, and happy.

Taking in the Danish Culture

In addition to eating the amazing local food, people watching, and boutique browsing, we carved out time to explore the history of the city. We climbed the old Round Tower to a lookout, popped into an art museum, and walked right through the Queen’s Palace Courtyard — no signs of Her Majesty though.

The Design Takeaway

At the end of the trip, I walked away surprised at how much creative inspiration I found, and where I found it. I was drawn to the timeless clean lines and modern appeal that Scandinavian design is known for. After a wonderful trip like this, I can’t help but feel a little bit Danish.

What elements of Danish design resound with you? We love to travel the world looking for unique finds and world inspirations. What hints of global design do you see in our current collection? What places, near or far, inspire you?

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