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gc-FeatureHappy Earth Day! In the spirit of the festivities, we’d like to share the details from a recent trip to Denmark where our merchants and designers dropped by the Green Cotton® headquarters to check in on our latest collections and plan future designs. We have been working in collaboration with Green Cotton for years — this collaborative partnership brings our fabulously soft designs to life in an eco-friendly way.

Getting Right to Work

As soon as we got off the overnight flight — sleepless mind you — we traveled to Green Cotton in the town of Ikast to get right to work. Ikast looked similar to most of New Hampshire. There were a lot of fields, forests, and farmlands. The only visible difference was that Ikast didn’t have hills, it was remarkably flat.

Ikast, Home of Green Cotton

Visiting the Green Cotton headquarters in Ikast was refreshing. Everything was exactly what you’d expect a Danish workspace to be. Clean, open, and minimal, the offices achieve a harmonious balance between great design, efficiency, and functionality. Every little detail is thought out, right down to the cheese cutters found in the employee kitchen. I felt more organized and clear headed from the moment I walked through the door. They take pride in how their brand is reflected throughout the building, starting with the big green logo painted on the wall inside the front door.

Green by Design

We love how Green Cotton takes pride in its work to minimize its impact on the environment. Everything about how Green Cotton works and runs its business is green-minded. Their beliefs are reflected in everything they do from the repurposed coat hooks in their office to the cultivation of its fibers and the dedication to being as green as possible through the construction, dyeing, and printing of its garments. Green Cotton goes the extra mile!

The Danish Design Aesthetic

I felt like Denmark in general takes a lot of pride in their design sensibilities and applying it to anything and everything imaginable, no matter how small. It all received the same level of attention. That’s what made this trip so inspiring — there was brilliant design almost everywhere you looked! Mixing natural elements with modern design made it all the more wonderful.

Check out our latest collection of Danish Green Cotton, featuring designs for women’s fashions, kids’ clothing, and knit sleepwear.

What do you like most about Green Cotton?

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