The Cashmere of Cashmere

Garnet Hill Cashmere

Addictively soft, Garnet Hill cashmere is made exclusively from the fine, downy fleece of Kashmir goats raised in Inner Mongolia — one of the few countries where this unique goat can be found roaming the highlands.

Winter temperatures in the region often dip below –40ºF, which helps explain why pure Mongolian cashmere is eight times warmer than sheep’s wool. It’s also highly treasured — a Kashmir goat produces only three to eight ounces of fiber each year.

We source this premium cashmere from the world’s best suppliers, who practice responsible herd management and carefully control the quality of the raw fiber. Two-ply yarns (lesser cashmeres are flimsier single-ply) are twisted to reduce pilling and prolong garment life (our claim to fame). A gentle wash before dying the garment ensures we’ll achieve the richest, most saturated hues — and we’re sticklers for certified eco-friendly dyes because we want everyone to feel good about the process. Finally, extensive lab testing ensures our cashmere will delight you — and last for years to come.

Along with its inherent breathability, durability, and warmth without the bulk, our cashmere only gets softer with every wear. Feel it for yourself, with a quick visit to our Cashmere Shop, but be forewarned: it’s addictive.

Love, love, love your cashmere sweaters. I wear them like T-shirts in the winter. That is how you got me hooked.” — MN

“Your cashmere is divine.” — CA

“Great products that last. Cashmere sweaters are top quality.” — NJ

“I love your commitment to natural fibers! All the cashmere I have tried is exceptional.” —MO

“I am becoming quickly enamored with Garnet Hill’s cashmere. In fact, I may not buy it anywhere else from now on! Great quality, and this sweater is absolutely darling on. I will…look forward to wearing this piece for many seasons to come.”— GA

“Unfortunately for my budget, I’ve fallen hard for Garnet Hill cashmere!” — PA

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