The Tradition of Vaillancourt Collectibles

Vaillancourt Chalkware Bunnies

At Garnet Hill, we have established a tradition of carrying festive Vaillancourt chalkware in our winter holiday collection. With so many people dedicated to giving or collecting these keepsakes year after year, how could we not? This year, we’re bringing the tradition into spring with three Vaillancourt Chalkware Bunnies. Just look at the detail!

It all began in 1984 when Judi Vaillancourt received three antique chocolate molds as a gift. Anyone else would have used them as decoration, but to her, they served as inspiration to recreate the motifs as nineteenth-century “poor man’s porcelain” using liquid chalk — and a collectible business was born.

Judi’s distinctive method of creating the contemporary chalkware figurines, including hand-painting them, was first recognized 26 years ago by Early American Life. Most recently it won Best in Show by Small Friends of Nantucket. And there has been no shortage of praise in between. Since 1989, Vaillancourt Folk Art has won a total of 15 awards! And because Judi has one of the largest personal collections of vintage confectionery molds in the world, and a seemingly boundless imagination, she’s always giving us something new.

We’d love to know — how many Vaillancourt pieces are in your collection?
What are your favorite styles?

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