All Hands on Deck: Garnet Hill Sets Sail
for Summer Style

All Hands On Deck: Nautical Clothing and Home Decor

Go Coastal — Why We Love the Nautical Look So Much

Much more than a look, nautical is a lifestyle. It conjures the smell of salt in the air, the rhythmic lull of surf on sand, memories of beach weekends and seaside vacations. Sailor stripes and bold pops of navy, colors as warm and inviting as the sun on your skin — our latest collections for beddinghome decor, and fashion are about to set sail. All aboard for great pieces to anchor your decor and wardrobe for the season!

Hues of cobalt, navy, and blue-green bring the seafaring look to life. Cool and refreshing, these shades reflect the look and feel of the sky and sea. We love them juxtaposed with the crisp bright white of a schooner’s sail, or a warm neutral shade that mimics the inviting tone of a sandy beach.

Classic, iconic, and fun, there’s something about an anchor, a whale, or a starfish motif. They add color to your look and just make you happy, conjuring memories of past family vacations, romantic getaways, and trips to the shore. From whimsical intarsia sweaters to playfully printed sheets, our original designs make a bold warm-weather statement.

Bold bars of color raise the bar on classic shorts, tops, and sweaters. They lend a nautical nod to just about any summer outfit. And they bring that beachy feel inland to the home, with rugs, pillow covers, bedding, accents, and more. Bold to variegated, you can never have enough stripes!

Throw on a chunky rope sailor bracelet and canvas boat shoes. Add shells, beach glass, and weathered wood to your decor for that found-art beachcombing vibe. There are so many ways to go nautical. How do you answer the call of the sea?

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