Things We ♥ for Spring

Things We Love for Spring

While our collection is always full of delightful surprises, we seem to find a few items each season that we really can’t get enough of. Here’s a peek at three of the things we’re loving for spring…

Beth Mueller’s rustic-chic hand-thrown vase. It’s hand-painted with a dainty heart and the word love — and we’re snapping it up in multiples (it’s a sweet one-for-you, one-for-me gift!).

New wisteria blossoms on our soft Signature Flannel Bedding. Inspired by vintage wallpaper at a mountain resort, it adds spring color and cozy warmth to your room any time of year!

A wrap of heavenly soft Mongolian cashmere. Tinted in collect-them-all colors using eco-friendly dyes, it’s special enough for occasions, yet warm enough to navigate evening chills and air-conditioned offices.

So, now that we’ve shared a few of our favorites, do tell — what’s making you smile right now?

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