Sweden 2014: On The Road with
Garnet Hill Design

Stockholm, Sweden

Launching the expedition that will bring inspiration to your home next winter

Our Home team just returned from Stockholm. They were exploring the city, looking for inspiration for our 2014 Winter Collection, and they took a ton of fun photos for a sense of place and Swedish design sensibility. As you can see, they had a wonderful time seeing the sights and found great ideas for holiday decor, beautiful textiles, and nautical-themed accents.

Look at all the gorgeous flower shops with their outdoor street-side arrangements! The trip was in late November, so the streets were alive with harvest and early-winter colors. The city has amazing warmth (even in dark, colder weather) and we’re not kidding, it really does get dark outside by 3:30 PM. Stockholm is such a walkable city, with beautifully lit bridges connecting the series of islands. The architecture is an interesting mix of old and new. The old buildings have intricate design details. Warm colors, like gold and ochre-colored hue, were popular. Each neighborhood has its own personality: some Old World with cobblestones and winding, hilly streets, and others more hipster with cool shops, vintage stores, and plenty of coffee houses.”

— Mary S., Senior Home Designer

Please tell us what you think. What spots on the globe do you take your design cues from?

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