Surrounded by Presidents
on Presidents’ Day



On Presidents’ Day weekend we look up from our New Hampshire locale in the White Mountains at the majestic Presidential Range. Among its mountain peaks are Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Eisenhower, Pierce, Monroe, Adams, and Adams (John and son John Quincy).

Mount Washington is the star of the tourism brochures – the highest point east of the Mississippi, at 6,288 feet. The world record wind speed of 231 mph was recorded at its summit in 1934.

The employee parking lot at Garnet Hill is peppered with ski racks, and the occasional “This car climbed Mount Washington” bumper sticker. We’re a pretty recreational bunch. But should the hectic pace of Presidents’ Day weekend business threaten to get the better of us, we have only to head out into winter, look up at the presidents in the distance, and think about what the men for whom they are named accomplished so that we might be here. The holiday feels special indeed after that.

Photography of the White Mountains and Presidentials by: Jason Tors, Maudelle Driskell, William Cobb, Praveen Basnet, Natalie Stever, Kathleen Stinson, Erin Stokesbury

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