Choose the Right Yoga Clothing (with a little help from SELF magazine)

Garnet Hill Yoga Collection

Choosing the right yogawear can be a question of trial and error. We asked Marissa Stephenson, SELF Magazine’s Fitness Editor, for some tips in finding the right pieces. Here’s what she said:


Base the yoga top on your practice style. Close-fit is better for faster-paced Vinyasa, where you don’t want extra fabric to trip you up. Looser, flowy styles work for slower, restorative classes.”


Feeling cold at the start of class will hold you back from sinking deeper into poses. To help warm your muscles, wear an extra layer (or two). We recommend a long-sleeve zip-up top or sweatshirt that you can shed midway through.”


Most classes are at a lower to moderate intensity, so you don’t need a structured, super-supportive sports bra. My favorite yoga tops are those with a built-in shelf bra, because I can get away with wearing one piece.”

Read more about Marissa Stephenson and SELF magazine, and check out our latest yoga collection, featuring styles from lucy activewear®, prAna, and zinni™ by Garnet Hill.

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