Meet Marissa Stephenson, SELF Magazine Fitness Editor

SELF Marissa Stephenson Bio

The best trend happening in the market right now is this sense of fun. Bold, creative patterns; rich, bright colors; cute, feminine detailing — you do not have to wear a boring tee or pants for a workout. Ever. You can show off your personality, and that makes psyching up to exercise so much easier.”

— Marissa Stephenson, SELF Magazine Fitness Editor

In her role at SELF magazine, Marissa Stephenson provides advice and tips to help 13 million SELF readers and digital followers make the most of their bodies, looks and lives.

Marissa is responsible for SELF magazine’s fitness and motivation-related coverage, including feature workouts, fitness programs such as SELF’s “Drop 10 Challenge,” as well as the fitness content on the SELF website.

When she is not sharing fast and easy ways for readers to be healthier each and every day, you’ll find her running marathons, hiking, cycling, and trying her hand at CrossFit. Marissa is also an avid movie fanatic, loves to travel, and is trying her best to become a better baker (she’s determined to make the perfect apple pie).

Before joining SELF magazine, Marissa served as Senior Associate Editor at Shape magazine, covering fitness, lifestyle, and travel. She received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Kansas where she studied Journalism and International Studies. She currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.

Stay tuned for more tips from Marissa and SELF magazine.

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