Meet Makenzie, an All-Grown-Up
Garnet Hill Kids’ Model

Meet Makenzie

We love hearing from old friends! Recently we caught up with Makenzie, a Garnet Hill Kids’ model from the early 90s (before our kids’ collection even had its own catalog!). We asked her to share a few of her favorite Garnet Hill memories. Here’s what she had to say:

I started modeling for Garnet Hill right before my 5th birthday. I just celebrated my 27th birthday so a lot has happened since then. I went to college, got married, and we have a little girl who will be 2 on Monday…

My mom says she can remember exactly what I had on when I went to my first Garnet Hill interview. A jean jacket and a freshly cut bob haircut. Besides the fact that it was freezing cold during the shoots it was a ton of fun! I can remember falling in love with a safari print dress I wore in one of the shots and my mom surprised me with it that following Christmas. I guess I expressed how much I loved it a time or two… 😉

The catalog shoots that I modeled for were all set in the holiday town of Seaside, Florida. It is so much fun to pull out the old catalogs and show them to friends and family. Most of the children from the photo shoots are fellow locals who still live in the area.”

Thanks for sharing, Makenzie!

Learn more about the beautiful town of Seaside, Florida.

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