The Proof is in the Peplum

Cashmere Peplum Cardigan

We love a peplum (the short overskirt meant to lay over another garment around the waist area) because of its ability to accentuate a waist — creating an hourglass figure.

Quick history lesson: The peplum first cropped up in women’s fashion in the 1800s usually worn over a hoop skirt (think Gone with the Wind). It faded away with the flapper fashions and made a reemergence in the 40s in structured women’s suits and dresses (think Lauren Becall and Joan Crawford). After quieting down for a few decades, the peplum popped back up in the 80s on party dresses and power suits (think Dynasty).

Now the trend is having another renaissance and is more versatile than ever. Peplums can range from a loose feminine ruffle to a sharp architectural line and can be seen on runways and red carpets all over the world — proving you can’t keep a good trend down!

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