Have a Hable Holiday: Ready, Get Set,
Start Decorating!

Hable Holiday Collection at Garnet Hill

When I get ready for the holidays, I shift all of the furniture around to find the right spot for our tree. Adding color is so essential to the overall cheer of the season! Bright stockings and rugs are such a fun place to start. My children turn into angels when they come in to a house decorated with our holiday treasures!

I love to create little vignettes for my holiday treasures like my snowman collection, special cushions, and sparkly garlands that I hang from my light fixtures. I also love adding a key fashion color to the traditional red and green. It keeps the look fresh from year to year. This year I will be adding all different shades of green from mineral to grass and lime green in my accessories. I always use live garlands of magnolia leaves around our front door and this year I’ll be spraying them gold for a little shine!”

— Susan Hable

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