The Convertible Dress: One Dress, Infinite Ways

Convertible Dress

How will you wear our new Convertible Dress? With almost endless options, it’s entirely up to you. (But we have some ideas.)

The secret to our Convertible Dress is in the straps — where you place them, how you twist them, and where you tie them.

One idea: create a faux sweetheart neckline by first stepping into the dress with the sashes behind you. Next cross the sashes in back, drape them over your shoulders, twist them once in the front, and tie the sashes at the back. (Adjust the fabric at the shoulders as desired.)

For a totally different look, wear it as a maxi skirt. Start with the sashes in front of you, crisscross them and pull them behind you, cross them again in the back and then tie them at the front.

Convertible Dress Hang Tag

We’ve had a blast here at our offices, playing with this dress and creating new silhouettes. When you unpack it at home, you’ll find some of those looks illustrated on the tag. Try them for yourself, make up some of your own, and see what looks you love best! (And if you’d like, share them on Facebook with your Garnet Hill friends.)

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