Congratulations to Our 2013 Summer Intern Class!

2013 Garnet Hill Summer Interns

This year’s interns, (L-R) Caitlin Milewski, Leah Kacere, Heather Berg, Olivia Maiorano, and Taylor Morello, have enjoyed a warm, welcoming summer at our Garnet Hill headquarters. They have worked hard in both their specific departments and on a group project assigned to them from CEO Russ Gaitskill. The project involved creating three product or how-to videos, including How to Fold a Fitted Sheet. The videos were measured for their success to determine whether videos such as these could be beneficial to the company. The interns then developed a production template for future videos which will have lasting value to the organization. In addition to the project, the interns worked diligently on assignments within their specific departments in Home Design, Apparel Merchandising, Apparel Product Development, Home Product Development, and Public Relations.

A big thank-you to our interns:
Caitlin Milewski, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Olivia Maiorano, Fashion Institute of Technology
Heather J. Berg, University of Wisconsin-Stout
Leah Kacere, Iowa State University
Taylor Morello, Loyola University Maryland

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