We Heart Intarsia

Girls' Artful Intarsia Sweater

You’ve likely seen the term intarsia (pronounced in-tar-zhea) bandied about — and you will see it online and in the kids’ pages of our fall catalog.

But what is intarsia, exactly? It’s a knitter’s term that means the pattern is woven right in, inlaid like a jigsaw, rather than sewn or printed on top. The result is a totally cool, modern way to do patterned sweaters.

Our kids’ cache plays around with placement — weaving a peace sign or heart as an improv elbow patch…or showering a cardigan with oversized dots…or, a favorite around here, letting stars or ponies gallop across the front of a classic crew.

While the effect is utterly adorable, the patterns aren’t just child’s play. We’ll be posting about our intriguing intarsias for grown-ups soon!

For examples of intarsia, check out our fresh crop of back-to-school sweaters for fall.

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