The Legacy of Our Signature Flannel

Garnet Hill Signature Flannel Bedding

We love flannel. We know flannel. For us, flannel is where it all began.

In December of 1976, on a quest to share the pure and utter bliss that is a European flannel sheet, we launched a fledgling flannel business. At the time, we had only a couple of magazine ads and brochures with swatches to hand out.

Times have certainly changed. But our love for flannel has only flourished. Today our Signature Flannel Bedding is still made in Europe, using the same traditional methods we used so many years ago — it’s flannel made the way flannel should be made.

At over six ounces, our Signature Flannel has a denser weave than most, creating a weightier, more durable sheet. Brushed multiple times on both sides for softness, it has a plush, thick finish that is supremely cozy and resistant to pilling.

A warm layer in the winter and cooler than a blanket in the summer, our Signature Flannel is simply heavenly. But don’t just take our word for it, check out its reviews to learn more, first hand, from customers who’ve already fallen head over heels.

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