Her Back-to-School Fashion FUNdamentals

Signature Skinny Jeans
Fanfare Skater Skirt
Artful Intarsia Sweater
Tulle-Skirted Knit Dress
Italian Bellissima Ballet Flats
Scrunchy Italian Suede Boots
Long-Sleeve Lacy Knit Top
Flip-Side Reversible Vest
Shoelace Dress
Metallic-Dot T-Shirt Dress


Her wardrobe for a new school year starts right here!

  1. Signature Skinny Jeans
  2. Fanfare Skater Skirt
  3. Artful Intarsia Sweater
  4. Tulle-Skirted Knit Dress
  5. Italian Bellissima Ballet Flats
  6. Scrunchy Italian Suede Boots
  7. Long-Sleeve Lacy Knit Top
  8. Flip-Side Reversible Vest
  9. Shoelace Dress
  10. Metallic-Dot T-Shirt Dress

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