A Sneak Peek Inside the Garnet Hill Vault

A quick trip down to the Garnet Hill vault this afternoon and we spotted some amazing quilts!  Which is your favorite?  #garnethill #quilts

Did you know? We have design archives in the basement of Garnet Hill. It’s a place where all of our photo samples live — designs from the past, present, and seasons to come. There are shelves upon shelves of printed sheets, pieced quilts, and distinctive home decor — racks and racks of apparel for women and children —row after row of shoes and colorful accessories. It’s a fabulous place for the Garnet Hill design team to walk down memory lane and get inspired for the next big collection.

How many of these quilts can you identify?
(Hint: You’re not going to be able to identify all of them — some are from our upcoming fall and winter collections. Consider it a sneak peek!)

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