The New Lilly Pulitzer® Print:
Checking in Blue

Lilly Pulitzer Checking in Blue

Join us for a colorful scavenger hunt to help us celebrate the arrival of our latest print to join the Lilly Pulitzer® Home collection. It’s a tropical island reef bursting with character (and wild color) — a beautiful mix of rainforest motifs and treasures from the bottom of the deep blue sea. This adventurous print’s begging for a second, third — or fourth, look.

Can you find the following motifs in the colorful print?

  1. Blue and green fish scales (we’ll start with an easy one)
  2. Exotic pink salamanders
  3. A scalloped seashell
  4. Five different colors of seaweed (hint: one’s part of the salamander)
  5. Tiny trails of blue water bubbles (look closely, they’re small)
  6. An array of delightful pink dots
  7. And the hidden “Lilly” (this is a toughie — and it’s hidden in every Lilly print)

Happy Hunting! We love Checking In Blue — and we hope you do too!

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