How to Create the Bright + White Bedroom

Tybee Island Patchwork Bedroom


  1. Start with an all white room — white walls, white woodwork, white furnishings.
    Tip: White window treatments are a great way to frame and call attention to a stunning scenic view.
  2. When choosing bedding, think bold punches of color that will pop against their white surroundings.
    Tip: We recommend a vibrant quilt, a glorious sheet print or a textural coverlet in saturated hues to stand as the centerpiece for the bed.
  3. Layer the bed with white and strategic solid shades to make it lofty and inviting.
  4. Continue your design adventure by using color to direct the eye to places you would like to emphasize. A vivid rug, pillows tossed into a chair, a stack of books, the choice of wall art — it all makes a focused statement.

Amplify with more color to change the look, or add more white for a stark, minimalist vibe. This versatile color scheme will look fabulous for seasons to come.

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