How to Build a Beautiful Down Bed:
Our Signature Bedding Basics

Signature Essentials Bedding Basics Collection

Developed over the years, the Garnet Hill Signature Collection includes all the essential bedding basics for a beautiful, top-quality bed — and a great night’s sleep. The collection includes everything from the perfect pillow and lofty layers to practical pieces that extend the life of your bedding and mattress. Here is the complete list of essential components to build a comfy bed from the foundation up.

All our bedding essentials feature European white goose down encased in high thread count pure cotton shells jacquard-woven with the signature “Garnet Hill” pattern.

  1. Start with a great foundation. We recommend the Garnet Hill Signature White Goose Down Mattress Pad, a staple for every mattress from guest accommodations to the master bed.
  2. For enhanced comfort, add a Garnet Hill Signature Featherbed, the ultimate mattress topper that gives any bed an instant makeover.
  3. Pick your pillow — we recommend the Garnet Hill Signature White Goose Down Pillow. It has a medium firmness, so it’s the perfect choice that works for all sleepers.
  4. Next, choose your top layer. Our Garnet Hill Signature White Goose Down Comforter now comes in three densities for custom comfort. For the master bedroom, our luxurious Garnet Hill Signature Channeled White Goose Down Comforter is an ideal balance of cloud-like loft and exquisite warmth.
  5. Don’t forget the Garnet Hill Signature Pillow Protectors to ensure your pillows last and last

Down is the soft, fluffy underfeathers that keep birds warm. Birds such as geese develop large down clusters, which grow thicker in colder climates. Gray and white down offer equal warmth, but we favor white down encased in a tightly woven cover of pure cotton.

For those sensitive to down, we offer many hypoallergenic down-free alternatives in our complete bedding basics collection.

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