Can You Find the Hidden “Lilly”?

Did you know that we hide ‘Lilly’ in every print? The perfect party trick is to find the hidden Lilly.”

— Janie Schoenborn, Lilly Pulitzer® VP of Creative Communications


Look closely at any Lilly Pulitzer® print and you’ll (eventually) find a ‘Lilly’ artfully disguised in its vibrant design. Up for the challenge? (Hint: Look for the “i” in “Lilly.”) Bonne chance!

Lilly Pulitzer® Scarlet Begonias
A bounty of begonias makes a royal red statement.

Lilly Pulitzer Scarlet Begonias


Lilly Pulitzer® Cheery Blossom
Hiding among the happy clusters of buds in this light and pretty bedding is yet another “Lilly.”
Pssst — careful, this “Lilly” is a tricky one: it really branches out.

Lilly Pulitzer Cheery Blossom


Lilly Pulitzer® Sister Florals
Featuring a splash of blossoms in bright, eye-catching pink, this sister is a force to reckon with.

Lilly Pulitzer Sister Florals


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