And the Answers Are…

Did YOU find the hidden “Lilly” painted into these three Lilly Pulitzer® bedding prints? We reveal all here!

This Lilly Pulitzer® Scarlet Begonias Percale is blooming with possibilities for a “Lilly.” See the outer edge of the white begonia? Bingo. You’ve found the first “Lilly.”

Lilly Pulitzer Scarlet Begonia Answer

Look closely at our Lilly Pulitzer® Cheery Blossom Percale print. Can you see the “Lilly” written inside the yellow flower? (Remember to look for the dot in the letter i.)

Lilly Pulitzer Cheery Blossoms Answer

This print is just begging for a closer look…Search the hot pink center of this Sister Florals design (one of two exclusive Lilly Pulitzer® sister prints) to find a third “Lilly” cleverly concealed.

Lilly Pulitzer Sister Florals Answer

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