The Easy Way to Put on a Comforter Cover

Ashby Floral Cotton & Linen Comforter Cover

What’s the easiest way to put a comforter inside a comforter cover? It’s been the buzz in our phone room for almost 40 years, so here’s our answer in just four words: turn it inside out! Try it yourself:

  1. Turn the comforter cover inside out and spread it flat on the bed.
  2. Unfold your comforter over the top of the cover, aligning the corners.
  3. Our covers have ties inside the corners. These ties coordinate with tabs on the comforter to anchor it in place.
  4. Once secured, turn the cover back over the comforter, enveloping the comforter neatly inside.
  5. Grab the bottom corners and lightly fluff to evenly distribute the loft.

Easy, wrestle-free comforter coverage — voilà!

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